How does the Writers dashboard in the WHub platform work?

The Writers dashboard lays out all essential information you need to access at a glance. This includes all the projects you have worked on or are currently working on.

When you click on the dashboard, you will first be greeted by your to-do list. This list contains all your ongoing projects, synthesized into information fields like the number of words, content type, etc. 

The dashboard has a search filter, allowing you to look for particular tasks using search parameters like content type and tonality. This way, you can zero in on any task on your task list without having to remember the exact specifics of the task. 

Next up, we have the Done tab next to the To-Do tab. The Done tab is a collection of all your completed tasks. You can access all your completed tasks along with related information like word count requirement, content type, tonality, etc. 

In case a task comes back for revision, it will be added back to the to-do pile along with the due date and changes required.