Berger Paints Case Study

Elevating the Brand Presence and Visibility of an Industry Leader


The internet has completely changed how people research products and make purchasing decisions. A decade ago, companies relied on traditional mediums such as print ads to drive sales. However, the internet has made information so broadly accessible today that people can do their own research.

That’s why the importance of content marketing and online presence has dramatically enhanced in recent years. Compelling content enables organisations to reach buyers independently, researching a potential solution to a specific need. Having a strong digital presence, particularly a website, is the way to put the spotlight on industry expertise and products, even for established brands.

On that ground, we redefined the online presence of an elite brand like Berger paints with relevant website content.

Berger Paints Number of Creative and Words

The Need for Content Revamp

Having a digital presence is essential, but what’s equally important is updating your website content. We were approached to take up this project for exactly that- revamping the brand’s website with quality and engaging content.

The client spent decades honing its reputation as a leader in the paint and coating industry. What they wanted was to enhance their brand presence and visibility. We achieved that by coming up with compelling content for all the web pages, from About Us to Contact Us, and product pages.

The Approach

For a brand that has spent decades building a legacy of growth and innovation, we recognized that SEO-friendly, engaging website content is what was needed. This was to expand brand visibility and online presence of the brand.

Crafting Multiple Content Pieces for Website

From product descriptions to the company profile, shareholder rundown, and employee overview, we created content to describe every critical aspect of their business on the website. The aim was to elevate the company’s brand presence, establish a strong authority in the industry, and make them more accessible for customers with a well-defined website housing credible information and showcasing their values.

To achieve this, we curated every piece of content to offer something of value to customers visiting the website and drive them toward making purchase decisions.

Writing in an Easy-to-Grasp and Engaging Tone and Voice

Considering that the content created was for the website and a market that would not be familiar with paint jargon and terms, our content followed an easy-to-understand tone and voice. While drafting the content, we used familiar and commonly researched terms and phrases. The aim was to ensure that visitors easily comprehend product benefits and uses.

The Results

We worked closely on the Berger Paints project to understand their requirements and product solutions. With that, we delivered different content types for their website to increase brand visibility, drive more customers, and establish their authority.

While building a website, content must be properly structured and segregated to make it easier for viewers to navigate and find what they require to make a decision. Investing in a well-defined website with proper content is a must in today’s time when people are going online to look for result-oriented solutions.

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