is content writing a good career?

Is Content Writing a Good Career in India? Get All Your Answers Here!


Have you ever stopped to think about who is responsible for the plethora of content available online, today? That’s right! Content writers scan the length and breadth of a topic to present well-researched writeups.

With content marketing efforts gaining traction, content writing looks to be a promising prospect with immense opportunities for skilled writers. But that raises an essential question – is content writing a good career in the long run?

Look no further as we examine the role of a content writer and analyse the scope of the field!

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Content Writer

The essence of content writing revolves around creating powerful and impactful content to attract an audience. Content writers combine their creative acumen with their distinctive way of writing to pen blogs or other writeups pertaining to a specified topic. Their pieces have two essential goals:

  • Presenting information in an engaging manner
  • Providing a fresh perspective to entice the audience

However, the essence of content writing lies in your research skills. By scouting through multiple resources and references, content writers are expected to acquire a general understanding of the topic. Thereon, they can incorporate their own elements to boost readability and ensure that the written matter complements the digital marketing strategies executed by the brand.

Most content writers are hired by brands across a diverse array of industries. In the 21st century, every business needs a solid online presence. About 45% of consumers are more inclined to visit a company’s physical store if they find its online presence influential.

A mix of digital marketers and content writers is the perfect recipe for increasing visitor traffic to their websites.

How to Make a Career in Content Writing?

After you have asked yourself is content writing a good career and confirmed your interest, why not enter the industry and progress from there?

The best part about content writing is that it does not demand a specific degree or fancy vocabulary. You must be clear and concise in conveying written information to the masses and maintaining their attention.

So, how to make a career in content writing? Here are some ways that can prove helpful:

Concentrate on a Niche

Focus on establishing yourself as a credible writer with extensive knowledge in a particular domain. For instance, if you feel you are more qualified to take on marketing-related topics, increase your knowledge in the field and concentrate on producing content on topics like marketing strategies for B2B and B2C.

Building your reputation as a subject matter expert also attracts the attention of notable brands from the industry. Long term, you increase your prospects of obtaining consistent work and commanding a loyal industry clientele.

Publish your Work

Display your literary prowess by publishing well-researched pieces on several topics related to your domain. Create your own blogs and provide your perspective on the latest trends in your chosen industry. Leverage SEO practices to make your content rank higher on search engines, enhance discoverability and improve traffic to encourage your career growth in content writing.

Join Freelance Platforms like WHub

The most significant benefit of using freelance platforms like WHub is the exposure they provide. You can offer your services at desired rates to a host of clients belonging to various industry domains. Working with wide-ranging clients will assist you in securing insights into the content writing industry and the work experience will also boost your writer portfolio.

Make Connections on LinkedIn

Did you know 70% of LinkedIn members prefer hiring freelance talent through the platform?

This statistic alone speaks volumes about the impact of LinkedIn. After choosing your niche and publishing your blogs, you can create an account on the platform and start sending connection requests to relevant decision-makers. With a rise in content marketing, businesses are in search of skilled content writers who can use their written communication skills to draft exceptional content that resonates with the audience.

What is the Future Career Path of a Content Writer?

Initial hustle forms a major part of a content writing career path, whether you aspire to work as a freelancer or join an agency hiring content writers. But once you’ve ascertained your domain and worked with multiple clients, you will find a steady stream of work.

The most flexible part about a content writing career is the lack of a fixed retirement age. You can work for as long as you want, ensuring your content quality continues to adapt and improve with the changing times.

As you develop your skills and gain experience in your domain, you can choose one of the following:

Work as a Freelancer

When you choose the freelancing route, you take control of your hours and maintain direct communication with your clients. Additionally, you can stick to a niche and gradually build your expertise for better opportunities.

Work Alongside a Content Development Team

The most lucrative aspect of working alongside a team is the amount of focus available for you to draft compelling content that captivates the audience. Unlike freelancing, working in a group eliminates the need to interact directly with the client, for the most part.

Not to mention, a content development team works like well-oiled gears in a machine to ensure that the final copy is of the highest quality.

Is Content Writing a Good Career Choice?

A big YES!

Apart from the booming content marketing industry, your decision to pursue a career as a content writer also boils down to personal preferences. Here are a few reasons why this domain might be the right career option for you.

You Love Intellectually Stimulating Roles

Maybe you dislike the idea of desk jobs or standard nine-to-five jobs with similar tasks every day. When you enter the world of content writing, you will receive diverse topics, irrespective of whether you are freelancing or working at an agency. Each piece will require dedication to research, requiring you to uncover new information and increase your knowledge.

You are Eager to Explain Stuff

If you enjoy explaining stuff to people or answering queries through written communication, you will be intrigued by content writing. Whether you choose a niche or write about several things, the commitment to creating compelling and informative content will power up your work.

Final Thoughts

Starting content writing as a career can be tough, especially without prior experience or referrals. So, why not start your journey with an established content writing agency like WrittenlyHub? Collaborate with an experienced team of content marketers and upskill yourself in the conducive environment at WrittenlyHub.

People Commonly Ask

Q) Is content writing in demand in India?

With the rise in content marketing efforts by multiple brands, skilled content writers are on the radar of most businesses.

Q) How much are content writers paid in India?

The average salary of a content writer is around 3 LPA. With time and experience, a writer can earn up to 10 LPA, excluding the income from freelancing and other side projects.

Q) Is content writing stressful?

If you enjoy researching and educating other people, content writing will not feel like a stressful job.

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