What information can I access on the Project Manager (PM) dashboard?

The PM dashboard offers a simplified way of assigning tasks to writers. This is done by splitting the dashboard into two main segments, namely:

  • Available tasks: The Available Tasks tab is a list of all tasks that are yet to be assigned to the writers. These tasks are essentially condensed job cards, which show primary task information, like content type, due date, tonality, and status. Once you click on these condensed job cards, you will be redirected to the original job card containing different information fields and the option to assign a particular task to a writer.  
  • Writers: The Writers tab displays a list of all writers currently working with the company, with information fields like name, allotted word count, and assigned word count. The best part about the Writers tab is that you no longer have to constantly keep checking the quantum assigned to writers throughout the day. The platform auto-calculates the word count assigned to writers for the day and displays it right next to the particular writer’s allotted word count for a day.