Upgrad Content Marketing Casestudy

Boosting the Digital Presence of a Leading EdTech Brand


Today, online research enables consumers to learn more about the solutions they need to their problems. No question why brands must establish a digital presence to reach their customers.

Building trust with compelling content is the key to forming a strong online community of loyal customers. The content should be accurate and provide the answers they are looking for. 

It especially holds significance for the EdTech industry, where brands have the power to shape students’ futures.

Based on this, we helped a leading Edtech brand UpGrad Abroad, build their online community and establish their digital presence with well-researched and relevant content.

About UpGrad Abroad

As an EdTech platform, UpGrad Abroad offers Indian students a chance to study in top-ranking universities abroad. Students can enroll in excellent globally accredited programs to pursue promising careers in various sectors, including Data Science, Business Analytics, and Engineering. 

Students can also enroll in free courses to understand more about study and career opportunities across different countries. The brand’s USP is that it also helps students acquire work opportunities in the same countries with a post-study work VISA. 

UpGrad also offers resources and helps students prepare for various entrance exams like GMAT and NEET, and English language proficiency tests, including TOEFL and IELTS.

How We Helped the Client

Upgrad Case Study Infographic

UpGrad partnered with us to boost its search engine presence, so, we helped them ideate and develop well-researched and relevant content pieces.

Crafting SEO-focused Articles

We collaborated with the client to perform extensive keyword research and explore exam-related topics trending in search results. Subsequently, we created research-intensive articles about various exams and courses with the latest information for the students.

We also enriched the content with relevant keywords and implemented other SEO best practices, like incorporating FAQs. The aim was to improve the search engine visibility for UpGrad and boost its organic reach with value-packed content.

Building Brand Authority

To establish UpGrad’s authority, we created blog posts on relevant topics to educate their target audience, primarily students exploring learning opportunities. The blogs were mostly about the types of courses they can enroll in, student life and career opportunities across different countries, and more. These blog posts were mainly created to showcase the brand’s expertise in education and career prospects.

The Results

With our impactful SEO-focused content, we helped UpGrad achieve better ranking on search engine results. By creating relevant and genuine content for their target audience, we helped them establish their brand presence and build a stronger online community. 

Offering valuable information and posting SEO-friendly content is a must for every business to boost its digital footprint. It helps them increase organic search traffic, enhance brand awareness, and acquire many such benefits to stay ahead in a competitive online landscape.

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