Collaborating with an e-Learning SaaS Startup to Create Content for Educational Courses


The education industry is fast-evolving into a digital ecosystem. The concept of on-demand learning has gained weight. But the prospect of learning whenever and wherever has reduced students’ motivation to complete their learning goals. Students now prefer to learn in bits and pieces rather than everything in one go.

This is where Rysecamp seeks to bring a revolution. The on-demand learning platform offers short courses in the form of swipeable cards. The makers approach our team to help them create content for an array of courses.

Client Profile

An on-demand learning app, Rysecamp offers byte-sized courses to teach young students on various topics. The app allows learners to explore new domains and acquire a basic understanding of several interesting topics on the go. The platform’s uniqueness lies in the convenience it offers to learn at your pace, at your mood.

The Deliverables

On their mission to redefine the e-learning space and offer a more learner-oriented platform, Rysecamp sought our services for content creation. From ideating and preparing the design of the courses to drafting and finishing them, we worked on multiple courses for Rysecamp.

We worked closely with the Rysecamp team to understand their workflow and content objectives.

Crafting Course Content in Different Stages

We followed a neatly planned workflow to create content for various Rysecamp courses. Starting with a preliminary research and outline planning, we developed the content for every course with timely and detailed communication with the company’s founder.

Writing Mini-Courses for a Quicker Insight

Along with the lengthy and comprehensive courses, we also helped Rysecamp with shorter courses on an array of topics. These courses were equivalent to watching a quick YouTube video and equipped the learner with an overall understanding of the topic.