Apollo Health Case Study

Elevating a Healthcare Company’s Online Presence with the Power of Content!


In an increasingly digital era, where our first instinct is to turn to the web to look for answers, it’s no surprise the healthcare industry is thriving with content marketing.  

From the Mayo Clinic to the Cleveland Clinic, healthcare facilities have developed an online resource centre with thought leadership content that drives relevant traffic, generates long-term leads, and encourages more knocks on their door. 

Healthcare companies don’t ignore valuable tools like content marketing.  

That’s why Apollo approached us to develop SEO (search engine optimisation) content for their webpage to catch the attention of quality traffic and increase visibility on SERP (search engine results page). 

Client Profile

As a digital healthcare platform, Apollo offers round-the-clock access to healthcare facilities and clinical expertise. With its ProHealth program offering end-to-end personalised healthcare management, you can count on Apollo for risk assessments and treatment with diagnoses from top-notch medical professionals. The platform’s USP digitalises health records for real-time tracking and analyses body functioning and health.  

How We Helped

Given that the healthcare sector is highly competitive, Apollo realised they had to enhance organic traffic and visibility on search engines. We worked for them to create an effective content strategy that focused on improving their online presence on Google.  

Lets Talk About Numbers

Apollo Case Study on GMB Submissions

1. Crafting Relevant and Quality Content for the Website

From lab tests to category pages, there were multiple forms of content that we came up with for Apollo. Lab-test pages enabled the brand to inform visitors about different diagnostic procedures and where they’re precisely applicable. The category page contained content for their products listed and available online.  

We paired new pieces of content with relevant information to attract curious and informed readers and plant the seeds of conversion.  

2. Emphasizing SEO Practices to Define Content Marketing Strategy

Our prime focus was defining optimised SEO content to improve online rankings and visibility. We identified keywords with good metrics and incorporated them into website content.  

More importantly, we worked on GMB (Google My Business) posts for local SEO to capture potential customers in the areas Apollo was interested in. Our GMB posts, specifically for clinic pages, targeted more qualified leads actively seeking healthcare services.  

Why GMB Posts are a Good Idea – 

GMB posts appear when someone performs a local search. They will be at the end of your business listing, and visitors can scroll through your available posts. So, hospitals and clinics can engage potential customers and improve awareness. Notably, people interact with GMB posts at a high rate. Moreover, these posts direct CTR (clickthrough rate) to other elements of the GMB profile or website pages. 

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