Shriram Finance Case Study

Expertise Unleashed: Defining Digital Success for a Leading NBFC 


Content is the cornerstone for brands in the digital sphere. Whether you’re planning to create a thriving presence on search engines, raise awareness on social media, or reach out via mobile advertising, you’ve got to come up with relevant content to achieve the end goal.  

Content adds value to your digital presence, giving users a reason to visit you in the first place. That’s why, undoubtedly, content marketing is becoming the industry standard practice, with prominent names leveraging content to drive success. And that’s how we met Shriram Finance (SFL). The company reached out to us to establish its digital presence with compelling content.  

Client Profile

As one of the country’s most diverse NBFCs, Shriram Finance serves thousands of people every day, enabling them to manage their finance goals with simple tools and products. The company is committed to delivering personalized solutions to meet customer needs perfectly. Its presence spans the cosmopolitan metro areas to rural India, where securing financial help is a challenge.  

Ways We Helped

Increase in Website Traffic Infographics

As a well-established and elite organization, Shriram Finance sought our services for content creation to enhance their presence in the digital space. From ideating to crafting, we created multiple content pieces for Shriram Finance. 

1. End-to-End Tailored Content for Mobile Marketing  

We defined action-oriented and event-oriented content that runs through the application; these included push notifications, prompts, and in-app messages. Subsequently, we created promotional yet authoritative content to support mobile marketing via the SMS channels and emails. The focus was to attract the reader’s attention, build trust, and ultimately persuade them to take action.  

2. Building Authority and Awareness with Forums Q&A  

To establish the brand as an authority figure and educate the target audience (mainly 2 and 3-tier cities), we created extensive forum Q&As. They were centred around the company’s finance products and commonly asked questions within the finance sector. They also served the purpose of generating brand and product awareness on various platforms.  

3. Blog Posts to Enhance Search Presence and Rankings  

To drive relevant traffic and increase visibility on search engines, we worked on blog posts that were more focused on educating the target audience. They were SEO-optimized with relevant keywords and included FAQs to enhance organic reach and rankings on SERPs.  

The Results

With consistency and a comprehensive content strategy, we helped Shriram Finance define their digital presence, establish authority, and ultimately grow their business. We supported their digital journey and played a key role in defining their digital success.   

To that end, creating unique and engaging content that your customers want to read will continue to be important. Taking advantage of content forms such as Forum Q/A and SMS allows you to address specific customer needs and queries, improving brand engagement.      

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