How can admins track the progress of the editing team?

The admin can gauge the progress of the editing team via the Editors option under the Users tab. It functions in the same manner as the ‘Writers’ tab. 

Once you click on it, a well-segmented table appears that houses every editor WHub employs. The Editors tab is further split into three categories:

  • User profile
  • Work tally 
  • My Journey 

User Profile offers fields like name, quality, category, etc, to divide your talent pool according to skill. You can use this feature to focus on a particular editor and obtain all their employee information, like their user profile, progress reports, work tally, etc. 

The window also shows the live Work Tally of the editor, with a detailed report on task status. 

Lastly, the ‘My Journey’ tab summarizes all the work the editor has done till date in the company. It includes sections like the number of days worked, projects completed, success rate, tasks completed, etc. 

The tab includes live progress bars, which show how far the editor has worked on their monthly quantum. It also displays a success rate graph across the monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames.