How can admins track writers and their work progress?

Under the Users tab, click on the ‘Writers’ option. Once you do, you can view a list of all the writers. The writers tab is further split into three categories:

  • User profile
  • Work tally 
  • My Journey 

User Profile offers fields like name, quality, category, etc., where you can divide your talent pool according to skill. This makes it easier to assign work to writers as well. You can also get all information about a specific writer, like user profile, progress reports, work tally, etc, by clicking on their name.

You can keep tabs on the live work tally of the writer, with a detailed report on the assigned task status in a table format. 

Lastly, the ‘My Journey’ tab essentially summarizes all the work you have done to date in the company. It includes sections like the number of days worked, projects completed, success rate, tasks completed, etc. 

The tab includes live progress bars, which shows how far the writer has worked on their monthly quantum. Lastly, it includes a success rate graph that offers a view through the monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames.