What information fields are available on the job card?

You can access the job card by selecting any task on the task list. Once the job card opens, you will see many information fields, including title, target audience, content type, tonality, word count, niche type, language, deadline, etc. 

As the project manager, you will have to fill out these information fields, head to the bottom of the page, and assign the task to a particular writer and editor. You can mention any specifics related to the task in the description box above the comment section.

Also the job card allows you to communicate with the delivery managers, writers, and editors, via a dedicated comment section for each of them. You can have individual conversations with each of these profiles, and they will receive a notification on their dashboard as soon as you comment. 

There is no longer a need to sift through comments on a particular card, since you can directly communicate with the concerned person and get the issue resolved in a jiffy.