What information can I access in the client dashboard?

The client dashboard has two categories, namely:

  1. Projects 
  2. Finance 

The ‘Projects’ tab displays a list of all your projects WHub is currently working on. In the list, you can view the order code, project name, content type, tonality, and status. 

Upon clicking on an individual project, you will be redirected to the particular job card in question. Here, you can explore information fields like niche types, additional checks required, start and end date, word count, etc. 

You can use the job card to communicate with the delivery manager and ask for an update. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the job card and find a section named ‘Conversation with DM’. You can type in your query here, and the delivery manager will be notified accordingly. 

The ‘Finances’ tab offers a complete breakdown of your financial dealings and ongoing projects with the WHub team, showing data like total projects, budget spent, and total words delivered.