Working with a UK-Based Enterprise to Bring them on the Forefront of their Industry


The digital domain holds the key for businesses to scale in their industry. Brands can transform their blog into a trusted resource for industry knowledge, their social media into a lead generation machine, and their email campaigns into a customer engagement funnel. So, when SK Cloud reached out to us to help them establish their digital identity, we knew exactly how to achieve their goals.

Client Profile

SK Cloud is a UK-based Salesforce implementation partner offering a suite of services related to cloud computing, AWS, quality assurance, data analytics, and web development. They have established a great reputation for themselves in the markets around the UK and the US, striving to build their clientele across Europe as well.

The Deliverables

As a well-established, medium-sized organization, SK Cloud had the resources to launch a full- fledged marketing strategy, but struggled to find the right partner. The founders’ interest in working with a dynamic start-up brought them to WrittenlyHub. We worked with the company on various fronts—from social media and emails to lead generation campaigns and blogging.

Creating Engagement and Authority on LinkedIn

We ideated and curated content for the founders’ LinkedIn profiles. This involved meticulous research, creative ideation, and detailed discussions to understand their personalities, interests, and thoughts. We also planned and posted content on their company page.

End-to-end Blogging to Build Brand Awareness

To bring greater traffic and drive brand awareness, we worked on extensive blogging planners. Our weekly blogs centered around the company’s services and helped in establishing their authority in the industry. Alongside planning and creating the content, we also posted their blogs.

Lead Generation and Outreach Campaigns

We worked on SK Cloud’s outbound marketing by building the entire framework to reach new leads. We created messages and emails to approach prospects from various industries on platforms like LinkedIn and over email. Our efforts also went into collaborating with their marketing team to enhance their cold outreach campaigns.