Reddit Upgrades its Interface and Feed for Improved Customer Experience

Reddit Upgrades its Interface and Feed for Improved Customer Experience

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Reddit is upgrading the way you navigate your feeds. The social networking community is rolling out a series of changes to make the platform more accessible and customizable.

Whether you’re into sports, news, or TV fan theories, you can find a community where you can meet people as obsessed and crazy as you are about your thing. It’s a platform to simply dive into your hobbies, interests and passions—open to everyone and free of charge.

The new feed development will allow you to get to your HOME, POPULAR, and NEWS feeds with a tap or swipe.

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The Old Reddit Feed: An Overview

If you used Reddit since the beginning, you’d know the platform didn’t feature a continuous scrolling feed from the start. Instead, it had pages that changed over time, allowing endless scrolling through the home and popular sections.

Then, specifically on iOS, Reddit introduced a “News” feed to quickly go through news headlines and corresponding conversations from different communities.

As people became accustomed to these features, they started experimenting with themselves by frequently switching between feeds. They also look for ways to customize their experience—from plugins to feeds and even creating new accounts to browse specifically through particular communities.

Reddit learnt from this information to develop ways to make the user experience easier and help them make the most of the feeds.

The Updated Feed Switching Process: What is it?

Reddit is upgrading your feed—it’s a simple change but will make things easy for users.

The good news is the platform promises a series of changes, improvements, and updates over the next few months. So, hold on to your breath and be ready to see the New and Better Reddit.

With the new update, the feed will shift from the top of the app screen to the drop-down menu. This will be visible on both iOS and Android apps. You can click on the menu to navigate between—Home, Popular, and News feed.

Nothing changes much, but it does give the app a clearer appearance, with fewer elements fighting for attention on the main screen.

What’s in Store for the Future?

As per Reddit, the new feature is a part of a broader plan to simplify and enhance the user experience. In the coming days, users will notice changes in three areas:

  • Feed Architecture: Tweaking the way users interact and switch between different feeds.
  • Feed Expansion: Giving a chance to engage with more specific feeds like gaming, beauty, sports, and politics, amongst others.
  • Feed Performance: Quick and seamless experience with high-quality feeds.

The changes will make your experience more customized and straightforward and help you discover and engage with more relevant conversations and communities.

Plus, you will be allowed to create your own feed of personalized content in the near future. For instance, if you’re a Marvel fan, you will be able to create a feed full of Marvel-related content only without having to stumble upon any other content type, say politics or sports.

Hopefully, these new changes will make your Reddit experience truly exceptional.

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