Pinterest launches shuffles

Pinterest Launches Shuffles, An Invite-Only Collage-Making App

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Pinterest is bringing another addition to the array of photo-sharing apps on the market, Shuffles. It’s an invite-only photo collage app born from a Pinterest in-house incubator. It’s been exploding in popularity on TikTok among Gen-Z demographics in particular.

The app lets users build collages using the Pinterest photo library or by taking photos using their cameras.

How Does Shuffles Work?

Shuffles allows users to cut out objects from photos or their Pinterest pins. You can just cut out whatever you want and create your own mood board or collage. Shuffles make these image cutouts very easy and user-friendly.

Just click the add button to place it in your collage. You can also add effects or motion to animate the collage itself.

Once you’ve created your collage, share it on different social media platforms with hashtags. The app also drives traffic to Pinterest by linking. A single tap on a picture will bring you to the dedicated page on Pinterest, where you can open it on the website or go directly to the store.

Pinterest shuffle

Creating an Invite-Only Community

Not many people remember this but way back in the day when Pinterest first started, its core app used the invite-only strategy. The business has experience ramping up social platforms with the same. Now that they’ve launched something new, they’re also leveraging that same strategy because it’s been proven.

This is showing results; the app is absolutely exploding in terms of popularity. There have been over 1,60,000 downloads in the US itself. Looking at the app store ratings over the past couple of weeks, Shuffles made it to the top 5 place slot in the lifestyle category on the ios app store.

One of the core reasons this app is exploding is their growth strategy shuffles invite-only, and people online are going crazy to get an invite code. In the past week’s Shuffle’s code search term on google trends was at its peak.

Gen-Z Prospective

The shuffles app inherently relies on the social habits of Gen-Z demographics, where users leverage multiple social media apps to share with their friends.

If a millennial or a baby boomer is sharing x amount, Gen-z’s are sharing three or four times more because of the number of social apps they use.

The app is seeing budding download momentum, targeting younger users. It’s building off the empowerment of creativity and user-generated content, popularized in many ways by TikTok,” Lexi Sydow, data.ai Head of Insights.

Pinterest shuffles

Let’s see how Shuffles plays out

What is going to be the next initiative that will come from this in-house incubator? It will always be a mystery factor that the team can hit it big on this unimagined next app which gives Pinterest an amazing runway for growth

It’s going to be an interesting development, to say the least, very positive development for Pinterest’s business moving forward to see how Shuffles will play in the grand scheme of things with what’s going on with the company moving more into that e-commerce perspective.

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