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Looking for a Content Creation Agency? Ask These Top Questions to Make the Right Choice


In an ideal world, your content marketing strategy is performing exceedingly well, leads are converting through the funnel, and you’re hitting your goals. But in reality, 36% of B2B marketers do not have a documented content strategy and 4% have no plans of coming up with one.

Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Marketers

But with content as an indispensable part of your SEO, social media, and every marketing and advertising effort, not having a content strategy is a bad call.

So, what’s the solution?

A content creation agencyskilled and seasoned experts who take the burden right off your shoulders, right from planning to creation to publishing content. They further help to maximize your marketing budget in the best way to improve ROI.

So, if you’re interested in hiring one, keep reading to discover how to choose the best content creation company.

What is A Content Creation Agency?

A content creation agency creates content strategies to plan, produce, publish, and measure the content results for their client. This content – a mix of blog posts, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, and more, aims to deliver value for a business’s target market to build customer base and enhance revenue.

5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Content Creation Agency

1. Can you tell us a bit about your agency and the type of content you create?

Content Marketing Methods for B2B Marketers

Walking blindfold without knowing the agency’s background, years of experience, content creation services, and workforce is a classic recipe for disaster. In addition, since content quality is a massive Google ranking factor, you want someone who understands your content needs well.

When you ask this question, you will be able to understand what kind of company you’re going to do business with, whether they are passionate about what they do, and whether they can get the work done or not.

Moving ahead, a quality content creation agency must be able to offer all types of content, including sales content, blog posts, creative content for social media marketing, thought leadership pieces, and other kinds of content.

2. How Can You Help Our Business?

How Content Creation Agency Helps Business

Initially, the agency may have a strategy or framework set in place, and that’s good. But you must enquire how that will be customized to meet your business needs.

For instance, the agency may have specific word count or publishing frequency standards. But you might be in a different industry in which content production is more in-depth, and you may need to write 2,000 and more words per post. You can also work in a unique sector requiring thought-leadership content, which involves interviews with subject-matter experts.

So, ensure that the content agency you plan to hire shows you the specific marketing strategy they will use for your business.

Not only the agency has a chance to offer strategic advice upfront and demonstrate their expertise, but you will also understand how well they have understood you as well as how dedicated they are to your business and industry.

3. Who Will Handle Our Project?

Top Content Marketing Skills

A skilled and experienced content manager overseeing the planning and execution of your project is essential to lay a solid groundwork for the content marketing campaign and achieving your goals. They inform you about what strategies often work best in your industry, understand your marketing goals, and are actively involved to ensure all the content pieces are delivered on time to the highest standards.

Taking an extra step to learn about the writing team can also help you make the right decision. A content manager won’t be the only person solely involved with the job – you will have a team of content creators working on your project. Knowing about their experience, expertise, and skills will allow you to determine whether they are the right people for the job and agency.

4. Can You Share Work Samples with Proof of Results?

Work Samples of Content Creation Agency

A great way to choose one of the best content creation agencies is to check their work samples.

However, when requesting work samples of the content, also check for proof of results. Even if they cannot share the customer’s name, they must elaborate on the strategy, methods, and results. You’re looking to understand how their specific content strategy has driven results for clients. Results can be leads generation, website traffic, social media engagement or other content analytics.

So, case studies, testimonials, google reviews, screenshots of analytics – anything they can offer to prove how they have made a key difference for a company will be your sign to hire the agency.

5. What Kind of Tech or Tools Do You Use?

Technology plays a crucial role in content creation in digital marketing. The right tools ensure quality content, proper metric tracking, and effective project management.

The agency must be proficient with tools such as SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs, which help with search engine optimization and website traffic. You can also see if they use marketing automation tools for email, social media posting, and lead scoring.

Ultimately, content marketing and technology share a solid connection in the digital business world. So, choosing a content agency that uses the best technical tools for the job will ensure your investment is worth it.

Final Words

You’re not just hiring a content creation agency to get the job done, but a real partner who will be a part of your business. So, make sure you’re asking all the important questions to choose the right content partner for your digital growth.

People Also Ask

Is there a difference between B2B content and B2C content marketing?

There are several notable differences between B2B and B2C content marketing. For example, B2B content tone of voice tends to be professional, while B2C content is more conversational.

How can you measure the outcome of your content marketing strategy?

You should set relevant KPIs and invest in various analytical tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Buffer to measure success or failure.

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