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Thinking Of TV Streaming Services? Get YouTube TV

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If you’re thinking of changing your TV streaming service, it’s time to get YouTube TV. 

Launched in 2017, the cordless service was introduced as an alternative for traditional cable TV in the USA. It’s currently in discussion with programming partners to introduce a new lineup of streaming channels to upgrade the customer experience and compete with the top OTT players like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

YouTube TV surpassed an active subscriber list of over 5 million users in the past five years and the pandemic. The TV service allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows without your cable and satellite subscription. 

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What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is one of the largest and most popular live streaming platforms in the US – all thanks to its appealing features, such as:

  • Unlimited recordings
  • Multiple devices and users
  • Voice-control and dark mode
  • Mark as watched
  • Picture-in-Picture for phones

Put simply, YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that works with the internet. It’s compatible with phones, tablets, TV, and web browsers. Plus, you can watch from almost anywhere and anytime as long as you have a feasible internet connection.

The streaming service also offers both traditional cable and local broadcast networks as well as regional programming. It features 85 channels, including four major national broadcasters – FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

YouTube TV Prices and Add-Ons

YouTube TV costs around $65/month. That’s all you have to pay to watch what you like. Unlike other streaming services, YouTube TV doesn’t have a contract, so you can cancel or pause anytime without paying the penalty.

While for some folks, it may not have enough channels, you have the choice of add-ons to enjoy more shows and movies as well as sports.

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Below are the plans available with YouTube TV:

  • Standard Plan: In this plan, everyone has access to the same TV live channels that consist of lifestyle, family, news, and sports channels.
  • Premium Add-on: These channels require an additional fee outside your YouTube TV cost. It consists of choices like HBO, HBO Max, NBA League Pass, and Showtime, amongst others. It is a great way to watch uncensored and uncut movies on TV.
  • Spanish Plus Add-on: This add-on allows you to get 27 Spanish-language channels, including tlnovelas, Tastemade en Español, and Cine Sony, for $14.99 per month. However, it could cost $34.99 monthly if you buy it as a stand-alone pack.
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  • Sports Plus Add-on: Though the standard plan features sports channels, this add-on gives you access to international sports and activities that are normal in the United States.
  • 4K Plus Add-on: Launched in 2021, the add-on allows you to see content from some channels—precisely seven at launch—in 4K resolution. These channels include Discovery, ESPN, Fox Sports, Nat Geo, Tastemade, FX, and NBC sports.

Why YouTube TV?

At $65 for around 100 TV channels, YouTube is a perfect answer for those looking for cable TV alternatives. Its access to multiple premium Add-ons and being the only one to include PBS channels are the highlights. The unlimited recording feature is simply the cherry on the cake.

Plus, the fact that Google is the proud owner of the channel makes its case further compelling. You can trust that Google will never stop making updates and adding premium features. If you are still unsure, try Google’s one-week trial for YouTube TV—you won’t regret it!

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