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If you’re looking for content that aligns with your brand voice and connects with your target audience instantly, the WHub content marketplace is the right place for you.

Today, 97% of organisations have a unique content marketing strategy. It is crucial to stay relevant and fresh in your audience’s minds to thrive in this competitive domain.

WHub content marketplace

WHub is an all-inclusive platform that takes care of your copy and content writing services requirements. Our platform is a one-stop destination to kickstart your content marketing campaign and drive organic growth for your brand.

How do we streamline and manage your content projects? Find out all the details in this WHub guide for you.       

What is the WHub Content Marketplace?

WHub login page

WHub allows you to work with the best content writers in India in a hassle-free way. No matter which industry you work in, you get customised and high quality content tailored to your unique digital marketing needs.

Here’s what makes us the best content marketplace in India:

  • You can hire writers from all over the world
  • You get white-label content for all your professional/personal needs
  • You can choose from a pool of diverse and experienced content creators
  • You enjoy the dedicated support of our internal team at every step that’s committed to your success

WHub content writing focuses on two critical aspects — superior quality and quick turnaround time. 

Working on a tight schedule? Don’t worry, our writers will work hard to ensure you receive top-notch content for your strict project deadlines. 

One of the best aspects of WHub is access to various content writing services, like SEO content writing services, blog writing services, article writing services, SOP writing services, website content writing services, copywriting services, and much more. We’ve got the best writers for all your content needs under one roof so you can find the right one for your unique projects and goals.

How does WHub help you build your online brand?

To expand your online visibility, it is vital to understand the elements of ‘going viral.’ Here are the essential features that help build a strong online presence.

ParameterDescription and requirement
Knowledge of the target audience
Domain expertise and analytics
Timely posting
Content planning and scheduling
Emotional connection
Compelling content creation that resonates with the brand philosophy
Top-notch content quality
Fresh content free from fluff and plagiarism
Shareable contentCopywriting that grabs and sustains attention
Informative, authentic, and authoritative contentResearch-oriented and high quality content creation to boost organic traffic
Long-term sustainabilitySEO-centric content, blogs, content refreshing, and long-form guides
Table: Main Ingredients to Build an Impressive Brand Online

The WHub content marketplace meets all these requirements with ease.

All you have to do is post your content creation requirement using the specific filters on the platform. Be it a social media post, blog post, landing page, website copy, or whitepaper, the WHub covers all content types.

The platform will connect you with a designated point of contact (POC), who understands your business requirements and brainstorms the most feasible solution.

The POC then allocates your project to the most suitable writer for the job. So, you don’t need to spend time following the conventional route of looking for writers and vetting them yourselves. WHub does it for you, directing your content writing projects to professionals who’re the best at what they do. 

This streamlined process of outsourcing content writing helps you save time and effort, freeing you to focus more on building your business while we take care of your content strategy and content creation needs.

What type of content writing services are available on the platform?

The WHub content marketplace covers various industry niches and content formats.

Once you create an account, the dashboard will offer insights into the content offerings. 

WHub dashboard

Click on the drop-down arrow of the ‘content type’ field. You can then access the following types of content writing:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Academic articles
  • Guest Blogs
  • Copywriting
  • Social media posts
  • Buyer’s guides
  • Off-page SEO
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Technical writing

In addition, our content marketplace allows you to cover the following niches.

SalesSocial MediaManufacturing
Table: Content niches on WHub

WHub is all about simplicity and efficiency. You can explore the platform without any hassle and get quality content with ease. We have full-time and freelance writers who are experts in creating a wide variety of high quality content. 

This table highlights the most popular content formats that you can choose on WHub.

Popular content formPurpose
ArticlesTo offer insights and information to the target audience
Blog PostsTo educate users about products, services, or your expertise
InfographicsTo leverage social media through visually-appealing content
Website Landing Pages/Web CopyTo create an SEO-rich website copy that ranks high on search engines
Email NewslettersFor email marketing and promotions
Product Descriptions To portray in-depth product information and boost website traffic
eBooksTo bolster inbound marketing and offer valuable long-form content
Press ReleaseFor acquiring media attention and connecting with the audience
Social Media PostsTo promote your brand on social media platforms
Table: Popular content types available on WHub

Finding great content and high quality writers as per your demand has never been easier.

WHub has answers to all your content writing queries. From creating long-form informative blogs to enticing short-form social media posts, the professional content writers on the WHub content marketplace can do it all for you.

What are the main features of the WHub platform?

We understand the most common challenges that businesses face when working with remote content writers. It’s difficult to keep track of the progress, the expenses, and even the quality.

But, you don’t have to worry about any of these challenges when choosing WHub content marketplace for content creation, because we offer:

  • Efficient end-to-end project management
  • Complete control and transparency along the way
  • Real-time tracking of your project progress and expenses
  • Ease in upscaling or downscaling your content writing project with changing needs

Each feature of our platform aims to add convenience to your search for top professional writing services. Be it B2B or B2C content marketing, WHub caters to all the distinctive requirements. Let us give you a walkthrough of our platform.

1. Simple Dashboard

WHUB simple dashboard - content marketplace

The WHub platform offers two sections in the dashboard:

  • Projects
  • Finance

On the Projects page, you can create a new task and check on the existing projects. You can track the status of your content projects in real time.

WHub content marketplace finance tab

The Finance tab offers detailed statistics related to your budget. You can view the following points with this feature:

  • Number of projects
  • Total number of words
  • Overall budget allocation
  • Transaction history
  • Filtered results through the required date selection

This feature can help you plan the content marketing budget according to your requirements. 

2. Real-time Notifications

Real time notifications from WHub content marketplace

In the WHub content marketplace, you don’t have to keep tabs on all the projects continuously. After each task submission, the notification feature will alert you in real time.

Hence, you can publish your content as soon as it’s ready without any delay. Furthermore, the notifications also cover details like updated prices, document links, and other important alerts. 

3. Detailed Requirement Form

requirement form

The ‘Create Task’ feature leads you to a form where you can choose the most important details regarding your content creation requirement. It has the following options:

  • Title
  • Target audience
  • Content type
  • Tone
  • Niche
  • Language variant
  • Requirement of additional checks
  • Word count
  • Deadline
  • Extra description

This comprehensive requirement form helps you explain your content expectations clearly and adequately to the writer. As a result, you can quickly assign content marketing projects and focus on other organisational activities.

4. Real-time Analytics

Real time analytics on WHub

The ‘My journey’ section of your profile provides information on deliverables and work duration. This handy feature enables you to calculate the following parameters:

  • Content assignments
  • Investment in the marketing project
  • Returns over the cumulative investment
  • Duration of working on WHub
  • Total number of projects

You don’t need to invest in different analytical software or carry out manual calculations. Our content marketplace offers superb assistance through real-time analytics.

5. In-depth Order Details

Order details

Clicking on an individual task directs you to a different page. This page contains detailed information about the specific assignment.

Here are the main fields that you can explore with this helpful feature:

  • Title of the article
  • Details like target audience, type of content, etc.
  • POC name and contact details
  • Attachments and submission link
  • Status and pricing

You can even scroll down and have a transparent conversation with our Delivery Manager responsible for the project.

Pricing table

This way, you are always in the loop for all your tasks and receive timely responses. You enjoy high convenience and direct communication with the people working on your project.

6. Complete Profile Control

My profile tab

Our content marketplace platform allows you to change the profile fields without any hassle. You can decide on your order code, change your password, and other details. The ability to customise these fields enables you to have comprehensive control over your profile.   

How does the WHub content marketplace benefit businesses like you?

The WHub content marketplace eliminates the common pain points for modern businesses. Our platform offers the following benefits to you and your team:

  • The convenience of finding apt writers on a single platform: Your designated point of contact assigns your requirement to the aptest content creator. This decision is based on the complexity of your task and the skills of the writer.
  • Complete transparency in the process: You receive real-time data on task status, submission, price, and modifications. Hence, the entire process is transparent right from the start.
  • Ease in managing and delegating projects: Our content marketplace streamlines the entire project allocation process. You can log in, manage expenses, and monitor all the activities at your convenience.
  • Integration with financial analytics: WHub offers you complete visibility into the costs incurred and the content output. This way, it becomes simple to calculate ROI and plan your content marketing activities efficiently.

In addition, WHub equips all full-time and freelance writers with cutting-edge tools to create high quality content.

With add-ons like Copyscape plagiarism checker and more, you receive content that is:

  • Free from plagiarism
  • Great value for money
  • Optimised for SEO metrics
  • Appropriate to the brand tone
  • Crafted as per highest quality standards

You don’t need to worry about performing any additional content checks. With WHub, creating content is easy and effortless.

Moreover, you can manage your content projects, from progress to budget, seamlessly through your dedicated account. So, you don’t have to invest in any other fancy tools or software. The WHub works as a robust and reliable online content marketplace for everything.

With our best content writing services India, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

In a Nutshell

WHub is an all-in-one platform for your content writing requirements. Our professional writing services are accessible to all types of companies irrespective of their size, niche, budget, and location.

You can generate more leads, improve your brand awareness, and drive engagement by leveraging our platform for your content creation needs. You can create tasks, track finances, manage projects, and do much more when you sign up on WHub.

So, if you’re thinking about outsourcing content writing, go ahead and sign up on WHub right now!

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