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How to Keep Your Sanity When Working From Home

Author: Team WH
Published On: 30-05-20
Last Updated on: 17-05-22
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Working from home might not be the easiest for some of us who have always been in physical offices. However, amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, it is difficult to keep ourselves focused and motivated to work when the bed is just 2 feet away and the Netflix tab so easily accessible. The delights that come with working from home are only so well until you find yourself procrastinating while looking at a pigeon in the window. For those of us who have never worked from home can find it extremely challenging to adapt to their new working space.

The inevitable stress of collaborating on tasks, endless hours on the smart devices, and the messed up sleep schedules are a few activities that what define working from home. Working from home doesn’t have to affect your mental health! You can stay focused and driven to complete work tasks while you’re lounging in sweatpants from home! The question that we’ll be answering is, ‘How?’ Keep reading to find out!

How to Keep Your Spirits High While Working From Home during Quarantine?

It’s a different high to avoid the cramped up public commute and the road traffic to your workplace. You might find it difficult to manage the chores at home while working, but there’s an easy solution to all this!

The best thing about work from home is that you have ample opportunities to explore your freedom. Let’s look at some easy work from home tips and tricks you can employ to become more productive and stable when working from home.

Designate work areas in the house

The most crucial thing to do is to avoid working in bed. You should associate your bed with relaxation and sleep, not laptops and deadlines. Similarly, look for other places in the house where you can set up a simple home office, that is, your workspace. Designating work areas will pave the way for better functioning. It will also allow you to have organized paperwork and documents.

Take breaks

Having the freedom to explore your time schedules can also lead to a lot of time wasted. Taking a 20-minute break after every 90 minutes of work is advisable. Scrolling down your Instagram or Twitter is not considered a break! Take a walk in the house, listen to a podcast, catch up on some reading, and do chores to utilize your break time.

Set boundaries with family

Professionals who are new to working from home find it difficult to balance work and family/roommates. Most work from home tips on the internet will not tell you so, but being determined is important. Establish some boundaries so that the people in your house can give you some space while you work. Hang a sign outside your door or lock it, do whatever it takes to have the uninterrupted work time you are seeking.

Socialize while working from home

Amidst social distancing, you can catch up with friends and family over social media. Socializing with fellow employees also leads to healthy working culture. You don’t have a coworker you can grab lunch with or a gossip friend either. So, indulge in bonding time over virtual games, quizzes, or fun activities so that you can get to know each other better. Mingling with coworkers or socializing with friends is important too. Avoid social isolating yourself while you work at home during the global pandemic.

Plan out your day

Prioritize your tasks! Planning your day will not only help you to become more organized, but it will also help you manage your time better too. Design a schedule for working from home that will leave room for doing your chores, spending time with family, having some me time and work. This way, you will be able to complete your work well before the deadlines.

Generously use your screen time

Being a professional who is working from home, you need to generously divide your screen time for work tasks and leisure. Considering all your work-related responsibilities will be digital, you need to go easy on your eyes. Splitting your screen time for leisure will also leave the room for watching Netflix and catching up on Instagram. At other times, you can indulge in listening to music, reading a book, catching up on hobbies, etc. Save your precious eyes from the tough glare of the screen.

To sum it up

Working from home while the whole world is in danger of getting wiped out is terrifying and stressful enough. It is not an easy task. It will take you time to set a habit and effectively utilize the hours of the day for productive work. Give these work from home tips a try and see how well you cope with the new challenges of working from home!

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