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Why Did Chris Evans Almost Turn Down The Role of Captain America?

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Published On: 27-05-20
Last Updated on: 17-05-22
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Can you picture The Avengers without Captain America? For that matter, can you imagine another actor playing the role of Captain America other than Chris Evans? Everyone who knows about the Marvel Universe knows how important Captain America (played by Chris Evans) role is. But did you know our beloved Captain was fighting a storm with mental health?

When it comes to looking up to celebrities, we often forget they’re human just like us. It’s when stories like these come out, we realize the burden of fame. Celebrities are often subjected to the harshest of critics and unrealistic expectations. Even more so than normal people like us experience.

What Actually Happened When Chris Evans Was Offered The Role of Captain America

The Marvel Avenger recently opened up about his struggles with anxiety in an interview with Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. The 38-year-old Boston native shared that he started experiencing anxiety attacks following his role as the Human Torch in Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)’.

Chris Evans said back then that he needed a work distraction since he had been dumped. Although he didn’t take any names of his heart breaker, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Jessica Biel from 2001-2006.

Chris Evans

There were a lot of expectations riding on him for pursuing acting full-time in the Hollywood industry. Chris explained what started as a hobby, which evolved into a passion, and eventually, a job was just too much to handle. It started affecting him, and he was doubting his career decisions.

After losing out on movies like Milk, Fracture, and Gone Baby Gone for Chris Evans, it seemed like it was the end. Slowly, it all escalated through anxiety attacks when he was filming the independent film, Puncture (2010). These attacks were severe enough to make Evans question his mental health.

When Marvel reached Chris for testing the role out for Captain America, Chris told his team to,

“Thank them very much, but I think I’m going to say no thanks.”

Could you imagine a world without Chris Evans playing Captain America?

The ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ star made the empowering choice to say no to Marvel’s repeated offers with increased salary and a contract of six movies, instead of the original nine. He decided to give preference to his issues and feeling healthy. Another reason for Evans hesitation was fear.

Everybody Needs A Little Encouragement And Chris Was No Different

Chris Evans and Robert Downey

Marvel eventually offered him the role of Captain America without him auditioning for it. Still struggling to make a decision, Evans connected with his family, his therapist, friends, and Marvel veteran Robert Downey Jr. for counsel, and he finally said yes.

Chris Evans owes it to Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, who was insistent and didn’t give up on him. Looking back, Evans considers accepting the role as the best decision ever. He said,

To be honest, all the things that I was fearing never really came to fruition.

Chris Evans soon fell in love with the role and credited his Avengers’ co-stars for helping him handle the fame.


Taking the first steps are always the hardest. Chris Evans took the first steps to battle his anxiety. He channeled it into something fruitful, like pursuing his passion-acting. Keeping your friends and family close while actively seeking help will certainly help you deal with your mental health issues better. Seeing a glimpse of Chris Evan’s struggles, you can take inspiration to step out of your darkness too.

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