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IG Reels Get a Facelift: Video Editing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Author: Team WH
Published On: 12-06-22
Last Updated on: 08-03-24
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Instagram Reels have competed long and hard against TikTok. While IG has benefitted from the ban on TikTok in several big markets like India, the platform still has a long way to go in terms of the benefits it offers users through reels.

In that spirit, Meta is trying to get an edge over TikTok by enhancing its beloved features. The platform introduced a slew of new features for its native Reel editor.

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New Features Galore: An Overview

According to a blog post released on 2nd June, Meta introduced the new creator tool to ease the entire video editing process on Reels. Initially, some people believed that this feature was a direct nod to TikTok’s video editing software.

Meta wanted to implement a handful of new tools that simplifies the process of Reels-making on Facebook and Instagram. These include creation, editing and scheduling. Besides, Meta believed that the new and improved video editing feature would eventually encourage people to create original video content.

The classic Instagram Story features, like Emojis, Polls, and Quizzes will expand into Reels. At the same time, Facebook will roll out a suggestion tab in its feed. Due to this, creators worldwide will find more ways to get discovered, allowing them to extend their reach and audience.

All about the intricacies of this video editing feature for Reels

Mark Zuckerberg himself mentioned that reels has become the fastest-growing content format by far. Now, the company has introduced various new features, including a renewed video editing format.

Here are the changes Meta embedded in Facebook and Instagram Reels:
Users can import 5-second-long audio from the camera roll.
Supports 90-second-long videos.
Addition of interactive Stickers – Polls, Emojis and Quizzes.
Introduction of templates to let users replicate a Reel pattern they found intriguing.

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All of these massive changes will eventually bring more virality for creators. But how is that possible? With the improvement of these tools, users can find great ways to create content that visually hooks the audience with quirkiness and informativeness.

What are the tools coming to Facebook Reels?
The Reels feature launched on Facebook in February 2022 and surprised users. Similarly, they amazed active creators last week by making editing available on the desktop version.

Users can avail of these options and tools in the Meta Creator Studio section. Now, they can edit and create short videos from the comfort of their office chair. Besides, it comes with different features that allow users to test various formats in Reels.

After an impressive run, the owners decided to incorporate these new features:

  • Desktop access to creating and scheduling Reels
  • Clip videos from live streams (60-second format)
  • New audio tools that include voiceovers
  • SoundSync will sync videos automatically to the song’s beat
  • Text-to-Speech for posted videos

Indeed, all of these will enhance the Reels-making process and make it more engaging for the creators. These steps will also ensure in high quality reels being produced.

Not a surprising move for Meta

Some believe that this speedy rollout features were ideally well throughout and barely surprising. Even if the company is trying mimic TikTok, it knows how to do it better.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said: “Instagram is no longer a square photo-sharing app.” Even then, the initial Reels in 2020 were critically acclaimed because they required technical changes to build themselves as a true competitor of TikTok. Recently, all these video editing revamps and the introduction of tools ensures something important.

So, what is that? Users can now tap into their creativity and quickly implement it to reach a greater audience through their Instagram page.

Indeed, we are just moments away from stepping into the Meta revolution!

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