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Wondering If You Need to Hire Blog Writing Services? Find Out Now!

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Published On: 18-04-23
Last Updated on: 14-12-23
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A decade ago, many considered blogs to be online personal diaries. They were a space for you to showcase your literary ingenuity while touching on subjects close to you.

That’s not the case anymore. In fact, out of the 1.9 billion websites in the world, over 600 million have a dedicated blog section. The reason? It helps them speak to their audience. In short, they have become an integral part of online marketing.

That said, how can you create high quality blogs consistently? That’s where agencies offering blog writing services India step in.

So, how exactly do they differ from your in-house specialists? More importantly, are they worth your time?

This article will explain it all. Let’s get started.

What Does a Professional Blog Writing Agency Offer?

Like almost everything else, the written word is a tool to be leveraged. And it’s best wielded by experts who know how to build a great content strategy.

Think of it this way: Out of the millions of blogs available today, perhaps only a few thousand offer authoritative and quality content. That’s not to say that the ones that fall behind have nothing of value. They do. The only issue is that they lack specific elements.

From keyword research and formatting to search engine optimization, companies offering professional blog writing services focus on a few crucial pillars to differentiate their content from the rest.

And that is what sets them apart—the intuitive ability to frame material in a way that reaches users effectively.

Learn More Advantages of Blog Writing Services

1. Access to SEO Expertise & Technical Knowledge

HubSpot updated a previous study they conducted in 2009. As per the new findings, in 2022, businesses that blog frequently generate 55% more online traffic.

SEO strategies of blog writing services

Even so, that doesn’t mean you automatically attract more visitors if you publish low-quality content in high volume. Instead, there is a method to this madness. And it all boils down to optimizing your blog posts for search engines.

Here’s how this works: search engines direct user queries to pages that contain specific phrases or terms from the initial question. Other elements matter as well, including authoritative outbound links, a clean backlinking structure, and optimized meta tags and descriptions.

Now, all of the above can be considered common knowledge. However, their implementation is a matter of expertise. That’s where professional blog writers excel.

From conducting exhaustive research on the given topics to incorporating high-volume SEO keywords and phrases, agencies offering SEO blog writing services do it all.

In addition, they structure the content to make it easier for the user to consume. That translates to improved audience engagement and retention.

2. Improved Focus on Core Business Operations

Let’s start by examining a hypothetical scenario. Say, you’ve decided to build an in-house team to create and publish blogs regularly on your website.

Now, that will entail:

  • Brainstorming and curating a dedicated content planner
  • Researching the chosen topics and creating the material accordingly
  • Editing and proof-reading to refine the initial drafts
  • Managing the team with additional support personnel

That’s just a basic idea of the logistics involved. In short, it’s not even considering the additional financial resources you will have to invest in retaining a team of that scale.

As opposed to that, agencies offering blog content writing services are significantly more affordable. Moreover, you gain access to knowledgeable and qualified professionals who are familiar with the best industry practices.

That will invariably result in you publishing material that captures, engages, and retains your audience. As an added benefit, you can prioritize your core operations instead of focusing on peripheral marketing activities.

3. Regular Publishing Schedule to Build Audience Loyalty

Studies show that 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a company from content rather than a traditional advertisement.

How blog writing services can impact audience loyalty

Now, you could interpret that in two ways.

First, writing a blog article is a significantly cost-effective option to build brand awareness.

Second, your audience wants you to showcase your industry position, knowledge, and expertise through your published material.

Between those two, the latter has more impact on your day-to-day workflow. For instance, how much time do you have to strategize and curate an effective content plan? More importantly, is your team equipped to conduct the necessary research that comes along with that?

As such, when you opt for professional blog writing help, you eliminate those concerns entirely.

For one, you no longer need to worry about coming up with a regular publishing schedule. The blog experts you hire do that for you.

Second, you get to work with a team of qualified writers who have extensive knowledge about specific niches.

That results in well-researched blog content that is deployed more frequently, enabling your organization to interact with your audience more often. The reward? Enhanced customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Benefits of Outsourcing Blog Writing Services

Still wondering if outsourcing your blogging responsibilities is the right move?

Well, the answer is – Yes!

When you outsource blog writing, you automatically reduce your overall workload. The agency you’re hiring can handle the content planning, SEO, editing and delivery. This leaves room for you to focus on enhancing product and service quality.

Let’s explore other outsourcing benefits.

Cost Effectiveness

Selecting a third-party content writing agency can help save costs for hiring in-house writers. You can save overhead expenses like providing employee perks and benefits. Moreover, you’ll save costs on searching, interviewing, hiring and training new content writers.

All this will effectively reduce your associated human resource and operational expenses. This way, budget optimisation and expenditure can improve. 

Gain New Perspectives and Ideas

Selecting professional content services will allow you to refresh your content with new ideas. You might interact with writers from different backgrounds during content creation. This will offer better content marketing ideas and add new life to your content.


You can conveniently scale content production as per business requirements. If your content performs well on Google, outsourcing can scale up your content creation to boost visibility.

On the contrary, if the content isn’t engaging the target audience, you can scale down the production and optimise strategies.  

How Can WrittenlyHub Help?

Offering the best blog writing services in India, WrittenlyHub specialises in crafting industry-specific content that converts your site’s visitors to dedicated customers.

Our expertise comes not just from our ability to write high-quality content but also from our thorough research and editing process. This involves the following:

  • An extensive competitor analysis
  • The examination of current industry trends
  • An evaluation of the top-performing pieces
  • A dedicated and multi-step editing and proof-reading process

Moreover, our writers are subject matter specialists, with considerable knowledge in their chosen domains. In addition, they undergo consistent training to stay updated on new developments and the best practices in creating SEO-friendly articles.

That aside, we recognize the importance of delivering on time. That’s precisely why we prioritize quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Right now, there are hundreds of companies that offer blog writing services. However, only a handful can give you what your brand really needs: improved audience engagement and enhanced online visibility.

WrittenlyHub is proud to count itself among them.

Quality Content Crafted with a Dash of Ingenuity

Hiring blog writing services can not only help you gain immediate audience traction but also set you up for future success by establishing your brand as an industry authority. Coupled with the increased efficiency and frequency of publishing high quality material, this will result in improved site traffic and enhanced product and brand awareness.

WrittenlyHub can help you achieve all of that and more. So, why wait? Reach out to us to take your digital presence to the next level.

People Commonly Ask:

Should blogs be a core component of your content marketing strategy?

While blogs are one of the most engaging formats, it is best to diversify your efforts across multiple content types to cater to a larger audience. This includes white papers, guides, infographics, and social media posts. At WrittenlyHub, we have a team of qualified, professional writers specializing in each of those formats.

Which industry niches do we cover?

Our writers are familiar with all industry types and cover both the B2B and B2C domains. As such, our content creation process includes structured and in-depth research, alongside a defined competitor analysis. This ensures that the drafted material offers unique and authoritative insights regardless of which sector or niche you are in.

How can our professional blog writing services help your SEO strategy?

As one of the leading content marketing agencies, WrittenlyHub specializes in crafting extensively researched and SEO-friendly pieces. This helps boost your site’s search engine ranking while driving organic traffic to your pages.

All of this results in increased visibility for your brand and products. 

How much do our services cost?

We offer competitively priced packages across multiple tiers. While the final quote depends on the opted services, rest assured that we cater to organizations of all scales.

In addition, our team will hold a thorough discussion with you to better understand your organizational requirements.

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