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5 Romantic Movies That Bring Out Our Emotions Perfectly

Author: Team WH
Published On: 07-06-20
Last Updated on: 17-05-22
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Watching romantic movies or romance dramas is a guilty pleasure none of us can deny. There has to be at least one such movie that you have watched and loved. No matter how much we deny it, we indulge in the movies of this genre. Well, some of us more than the others, and it clearly shows.

If you are someone who’s idea of love was molded by movies like The Notebook, you are in the right place. Such movies have turned us into romantics who believe that miracles do happen. We believe that one rainy afternoon our prince (or princess) charming, all drenched in the rain, will come running towards us and profess their unrequited love to us.

What we don’t realize is that slow-motion is just an effect on the screen and not a way of life. Let’s find out which movies can cater to our undying and unflinching love for rom-coms and blame them for bumping our expectations at love to an all-time high! In fact, these movies can help you when you are feeling low.


5 Romantic Movies That Helped Us Believe In Romance

These romantic movies have mastered the art of portraying love on the screen like no other, and we are here for it. If you have missed out on some of these masterpieces, now is a great time to catch up on them!

1. When Harry Met Sally

Directed by Rob Reiner, When Harry Met Sally (1989) one of our all-time favorite rom-coms. This movie showed us how pure friendship between a man and a woman can be. It also took us on a virtual vacation to some of the most picturesque locations we have seen. We must credit him for opening up a whole new dimension of romantic movies that shaped our young adult minds.

2. Notting Hill

Romantic movies

Another classic that delicately portrays a relationship between two very contrasting personalities. A bookseller falls in love with a stunning actress, and this movie captures the essence of their relationship perfectly. Notting Hill was directed by Roger Michell, and we must thank him for giving us something we can watch and cherish even now.

3. The Notebook


This masterpiece by Nick Cassavetes is one we all hold dear to our hearts. The Notebook is the perfect blend between the highs and lows we expect from a romance and drama movie. The bittersweet ending left most of us in tears, yet we go back to this movie from time to time. 

4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch kuch hota hai

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning one of Karan Johar’s classics, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This movie starts on a light note with three friends and their endearing love triangle. However, it soon takes an ominous turn where one of the main characters dies and leaves us all heartbroken. Well, if you haven’t given this movie a watch, it is time you do. This ultimate romantic drama will sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting more.

5. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

It would be a crime not to add this movie onto our list. Crazy Rich Asians are the perfect modern-day rom-com we all needed. The outstanding videography and captivating storyline kept us on our toes throughout the length of this movie. It is different from any romantic drama we have seen before, but it does not fail to pull our heartstrings! 

It is time we embraced our inner romantics and gave in to these cinematic masterpieces, no judgments here. We know that we won’t stop watching these movies. Let’s just hope we learn to differentiate between our expectations and realities, at least!


  1. Safe to say, I’m a victim to the romance depicted in these movies! Where’s my love story? 😛

  2. I have watched all of these (a true romantic haha) and the blog could not be more on point!

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