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4 Reasons to Seek Professional SOP Writing Services over Writing it Yourself

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Published On:23-02-16
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“Please submit a statement of purpose showcasing…”

If you can guess the next part of the statement without a second thought, you have entered the right page!

Suppose you are applying to 10 universities for your higher education; each in a different part of the world. It can be exasperating to develop and tailor your SOP according to the criteria defined by each of these universities. The constant altering is also likely to affect the overall quality of your SOP and consume time.

What is the solution, then? After all, personal statements are among the most integral parts of your application. Foreign universities worldwide emphasise the need for a crisp and curated SOP summarising your achievements and aspirations.

Enter SOP writing services! Read on to understand the value of an SOP and how professional content writers can make your life easier.

The Importance of a High-Quality Statement of Purpose

There are close to 25,000 universities worldwide. The US has the most institutions (3,216), followed closely by Indonesia (2,595). The admission committee that handles admissions in these universities comprises a small team of not more than three to four individuals.

Every year, millions of hopeful applicants apply to these foreign universities. The number of Indian students applying for admission abroad is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2024.

So, how do admission committees evaluate each candidate? How do you stand apart from other applicants vying for the committee’s attention?

Here’s where an SOP acts as the x-factor.

  • Introduces your personality and accomplishments to the members of the admission committee.
  • Allows them to gain an insight into your thought process and decide if you are the right fit for the university’s culture.
  • Enables them to learn about your experiences and assess your key takeaways from each role or incident.
  • Helps them ascertain your strengths and weaknesses.

A good SOP can communicate volumes about your value as a candidate.

However, standard SOPs are expected not to exceed 1000 words. Then, how to write a good SOP in such word limits? Is it possible to paint an entire picture of the candidate in a mere two and a half pages of a word document?

Benefits of Hiring SOP Writing Services

When you partner with SOP writing services, you hand over the reins of your SOP to a seasoned professional. The writer penning your statement of purpose is well-versed in the SOP writing format and expectations of universities.

Here are some of the benefits of delegating to professional SOP writers.

Tailored Services from Experts

You might be thinking – how can an SOP writer showcase my strengths to the admission committee?

The answer is simple. SOP experts focus on acquiring comprehensive information about you, including your motivation to choose a certain degree and the experiences that have shaped your personality. They use a series of curated questions and seek thorough answers from you.

Since they are well-versed in the intricacies of a quality SOP and possess an extensive vocabulary, they write the SOP in the form of a story that centres around you. Throughout the process, they stay in touch with you to deliver an impactful SOP that will grab attention.

Time-sensitive Services

Maybe you stumble across a university that’s closing down its spring applications in the next three days. You want to apply for the spring session, or you will not receive an opportunity until next year. Is three days enough to pen a great SOP for university admission?

Yes, it is possible for SOP writers! Without sacrificing the quality of the work, they can work with strict deadlines to deliver the best statement of purpose that you can submit with pride.

Extensive Editing

Statement of purpose writing for multiple universities can be a hassle. For one, you need to customise your SOP according to the individual programs and universities. Writing several SOPs at the same time can lead to errors, decreasing your chances of getting admission into your desired institute.

Outsourcing your SOP requirements to a specialist is the best way to avoid these errors. Owing to their experience, these professionals quickly spot and correct mistakes, thus delivering an impeccable SOP.

Distinctive and Plagiarism-Free Content

Universities analyse thousands of SOPs on any given day. They seek an innovative statement of purpose that highlights the candidate’s strengths and makes for an interesting read.

The SOPs drafted by SOP writing services are 100% original and boast a distinctive style of storytelling. While the writers follow the prescribed format, they ensure that each SOP is infused with a dash of uniqueness and creativity. Ultimately, they guarantee that you are standing out from the crowd.

Why Choose WrittenlyHub for Drafting your SOP?

Do you want a compelling SOP with a well-defined structure? Do you require an SOP written in the right tone and style? Do you need professional online SOP writers with proven expertise in SOP writing?

Look no further because WrittenlyHub caters to all your requirements. We offer SOP that matches your precise requirements. Our experienced and prolific team of professionals comprises some of the best SOP writers in India. We understand the value of writing a statement of purpose and put our best foot forward to deliver you an SOP that caters to the highest standards of excellence. Our expertise in academic writing allows us to craft the perfect SOP for you.

Creative and thorough – two words that define the SOP writing and editing team at WrittenlyHub. We focus on delivering a tailored experience with our best SOP writing service in India, where we value user inputs over everything else.

As leading SOP consultants, we have a proven track record in the content industry, with several clients across a multitude of domains. So, when you reach out to us for your SOP needs, you gain enviable industrial expertise, along with a high-quality SOP to increase your chances of admission.

Final Thoughts

Think of a statement of purpose as an introductory document. A good SOP helps you carve out a distinctive reputation for yourself when you’re seeking admission to the top universities in the world.

Suppose there is a single spot left with you and another candidate in consideration. Both of you have similar grades and professional experiences. The committee cannot make the decision based on a simple gamble of heads or tails. Here’s where a well-drafted SOP will make a world of difference.

So, differentiate your SOP from other applicants with one of the best SOP writing services in India and get admission into your desired university. Reach out to WrittenlyHub now and witness the difference yourself!

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