How to ace Quora marketing in 5 ways

How to Ace Quora Marketing in 5 Ways

Author:Astha Verma
Published On:22-05-17
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Social media is a goldmine for content marketing. While brands can gain visibility through popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, winning your audience’s trust isn’t always easy.

Enter—Quora marketing.

With its most simplistic Q & A interface, Quora has become one of the leading avenues to establish yourself as a trusted name and build thought leadership. With over 300 million monthly Quora users and 300,000 topics, Quora has earned its place in the B2B content marketing framework.

The Q&A concept of the Quora platform can bring phenomenal reach and generate high-quality traffic for your website. On the flip side, it can also help you understand your audience better—enabling you to deliver more personalised customer experiences. 

Marketing statistic infographic

Keep reading to understand and analyse the potential of this marketing tool and if they are worth your investment for your future marketing strategies. 

The A-Z of Quora Marketing: Everything you need to know

With tens of marketing tactics doing the rounds in the B2B world, Quora may seem a bit unattractive to some. But marketing is not limited to churning out content and driving traffic. New-age marketing is about engaging with your customers and solving their pain points.

It also means creating valuable content that would build trust among your audience. Moreover, it seeks opportunities to develop your expertise to boost brand awareness. Impressive enough?

A solid Quora marketing strategy can tick off all these goals—when done right. So, now that you know why Quora is crucial for your business growth, let’s look at how you can get started.

Create an attention-grabbing bio

Setting up a brilliant Quora profile is the best starting point for your Quora marketing strategy. Quora is more individual-focused and shows your industry expertise for the audience to know you better.

So, add credible links to your website or blogs. You can even add topic-specific details and experiences to convey the depth of your knowledge.

Once done with this, add your interests, educational background, profile picture to complete the bio. Also, did you know that Quora posts a tagline with your profile details when you post Quora answers? It could be a great way of branding and letting your readers know about your company.[a]

Choose industry-specific questions

There are millions of queries on Quora. You have to answer questions that are relevant from the lot to reach your target audience and create a true impact. So how do you go about this?

Search for relevant topic pages and questions for your business. This way, you can contribute considerably as you are already experienced in the specific industry. Pick out more recent questions that have the highest upvotes.

Threads that have the maximum upvotes also have the maximum viewership from the audience. It would, in turn, lead your potential customers to visit your website and know more about your brand.

Additionally, always be on the lookout for new questions, which gives you a chance to respond to them earlier than others.

topics on Quora

Pack your Quora answers with value

Now that you know which topic or keyword is best, answering questions is the main task. The only mantra to succeed on Quora: provide quality and add value through your content.

Now, you might wonder, is delivering quality better than writing long-form answers?

Since Quora has tons of questions and answers, you can only stand out from the crowd by adding something new to the conversation.

So, even if you are new to the platform, you can follow a few tactics to ace this. For example, browse through some popular Quora answers to get the hang of the style of writing. Following this, you can even add relevant links to your responses to lead your audiences to your site.

Pro Tip: Keep your content short and precise as much as possible. Add images and graphs if needed. It adds more value and credibility to your content.

Tap into the power of interlinking 

Quora not only helps you publish high-quality content but also allows backlinking for SEO. Clickable links can direct traffic to your website. However, you need to be smart with the link placements.

It can also mean that you may have to add links that take your audience to your site and other informational sources. It would add value and build trust amongst your audience and also not seem promotional.

Additionally, to add more insight to your response, you can link your valuable answers to your blogs, statistics, and case studies. Through this method, you add value and build your leadership on the niche you have created.

Consistency is the key 

So, now you have a Quora profile and have already kick-started your Quora marketing strategy. Before you move further, analyse your tactics to see their impact on your growth.

This is where Quora analytics brings you a dashboard visualising your content performance over a while. With this, you can track the number of views, upvotes and shares for your content. Besides, you even get a fair idea of the number of clicks you get to your website through your Quora content.

Each answer and response will give you the statistics of the number of views on a particular topic. What’s more, through the views option, you even get to know how your audience stumbled upon your content. Whether through your Quora profile or by browsing.

Analysing and keeping track of your consistency will help you opt for the best avenue to offer the maximum coverage to your content and, ultimately, your brand.

Quora Marketing statistics

Is Marketing on Quora Worth it?

Quora offers an immense opportunity to showcase a brand’s industry knowledge and expertise. More than being a marketing channel, it garners value for your brand image and builds a thriving community.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons that make this simplistic platform a valuable addition to your marketing strategy:

Get noticed by a massive audience

Driving more traffic to your company’s site is probably one of your primary targets. So, here’s the good news. With around 150 million active Quora users, you can expand your reach significantly.

One more advantage of using Quora is that your answers stay on the platform forever. They could act as a reference for users for years to come.

Moreover, Quora enables you to build meaningful conversations and engagement with other Quora users. What better way to connect and build long-term relationships with your customers? By answering questions posted on the platform, you create an impressive brand identity and persuade more people to talk about your product/service.

All you need is a proper Quora marketing strategy that can take you on the right path.

Establish authority by showcasing expertise

Quora not only helps you be a part of a conversation but also allows you to share your industry knowledge. More than imposing your knowledge onto your audience, it gives you a platform to answer questions and stir valuable points of view on the same topic.

By gaining authority, you get a chance also to build confidence among your TA. So, if you are struggling with building thought leadership through other social media platforms, Quora can do the trick for you!

Moreover, once your responses on Quora achieve maximum views and popularity, you earn a badge among the top ten writers on Quora. What better way to get officially recognised amongst millions of users on the platform?

Most viewed blockchain authors on quora

Maintain and improve your credibility

Lack of credibility can harm your brand image. With a multitude of brands and products available in the market, customers can easily shun your services if they find you untrustworthy.

Through Quora, you can build trust and hold it for an extended period. The community accepts leaders or companies avoiding self-promotion because they look for genuine answers.

By sharing your knowledge to a more extensive audience base with zero promotions, you gain more faith. Your potential customers would be more interested in gaining insights about your company once they witness your expertise through conversations.

Exploring a Successful Quora Marketing Campaign: What Sets it apart?

DuckDuckGo emerged as the most-talked-about search engine that offers users a private and tracking-free feature. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo refrains from storing any personal data or browsing history of the users. Well, this is how they grabbed many eyeballs from the people.

DuckDuckGo, though not new to the SEO search engine field, has around two billion searches every month now. Their goal has always been not to track their customer’s history and avoid any ad targeting.

Many of you would have been sceptical about how Google extracts your information, monitors your buying behaviour and then later retarget information and ads with ease. So how did DDG create a name for itself and gain so much attention?

Did you know they hit 100 million searches per day by Jan 2021? Yes, you read that right. With its privacy claims over giants like Google and Amazon, DDG created a credible and trustworthy image for itself. They have been practising what they preach, which gained much traction from the audience.

Duck Duck Go Market share

Quora as a conversational platform has played a significant role for DuckDuckGo to gain credibility and recognition. After its emergence, numerous Quora users and thought leaders discussed everything they knew about this platform.

Here are a few observations from its marketing strategy through Quora, which you should know:

  • DDG gave up on traditional launch marketing and paid more attention to organic traffic. They made use of tech professionals and leaders to talk and discuss it on platforms like Quora.
  • One conversation led to many, and there are multiple threads on Quora that talk about DuckDuckGo’s business goals. Even if it’s negative news, people are now more interested to know more details about the company.
  • With its unique business strategy “of no tracking and total privacy,” people were intrigued to know more about DDG.
  • According to DuckDuckGo, there were around 24 billion searches on its site in 2020.
  • Its claims of perfect privacy and storage of online search data made people curious about how this search engine operates. It offered an alternative for the users to switch to a more private search tool rather than Google.
  • Even the comparisons with Google have helped DDG for tons of users on Quora to discuss and analyse its claims.
  • Interlinking of Quora responses to its website has immensely helped DuckDuckGo gain significant traffic to its site.
  • Quora users and even experts made use of Quora to share their thoughts and experiences of DDG. They have solely not limited it to long-form content but also shared images and screenshots of their browsing experience with DuckDuckGo.
Duck Duck Go

Hence, it is safe to say that even though DuckDuckGo did not intentionally use Quora as their marketing tool, it worked a lot in their favour. With minimum promotion and maximum concentration on their results, DDG has successfully gained the trust of millions of users.

So, if you run a start-up, Quora can create the most significant influence to fuel your business, just like DuckDuckGo. High-quality conversations and discussions are an excellent strategy for marketers to gain maximum traffic to their sites in no time.

And It’s a Wrap!

According to recent studies, 60% of companies in Quora are B2B companies with more than 55 million content pages.

Whether you are an industry expert or a newbie in the industry, Quora can be an exceptional possibility for your brand to thrive and expand. As mentioned earlier, the most significant benefit of implementing Quora as your marketing strategy is to highlight yourself as thought leadership.

Answer questions that can help your target audience and you are on the right path.

What more? If your brand fails to attract an adequate number of customers to your site, Quora is a tried and tested strategy to drive maximum traffic that you can implement right away. However, you need to follow just one mantra: spread knowledge and valuable content.

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