5 Innovative Ways to Manage Your Depression or Anxiety

Free yourself from depression and anxiety

One of the best ways to deal with your depression and anxiety is to channel it into something productive. If lying in bed and taking some time off for yourself is what you need, then you should indulge in relaxation. However, if you are confused as to what you can do with all this pent-up emotion and energy, then continue reading! 

Inventive Ways to Channel Your Depression and Anxiety

Depression causes you to give up on the things you generally like. Get yourself out of the rut you are in and try out these creative activities to get your mind off of things.

1.    Take care of a plant

Distract yourself by planting a few seedlings in a pot and taking care of them. Becoming a plant parent is a great way to cope with depression and anxiety. If you are feeling adventurous and believe you have the time, then you can start a balcony garden too! 

Gardening is a very therapeutic activity enjoyed by people of all ages. You can spend hours tending to your plants and taking care of them. Soon, you will have grown something beautiful out of nothing. It will be a proud moment for you the day your efforts bear fruit, literally!

2.    Upcycle old clothes

Have a wardrobe full of clothes and still have nothing to wear? Well, if you are feeling low and need an activity to distract you from the usual, try upcycling your old clothes. Get your sewing kits out and put on your creativity hats!

You can cut up your old jeans to make a fresh new pair of shorts. Fix a tear in your old worn-out t-shirts by adding a colorful patch to it! You can also paint your clothes and revamp them completely by using some fabric paints. 

3.    Take photos of yourself

Taking your pictures

Many people going through depression and anxiety believe that taking self-portraits is a great way to escape the monotony in life. You can go all out with your creativity and take photos of you that portray your emotions. 

It is believed that taking self-portraits can give you a sense of control in life and slow down your thoughts to make you feel calmer. The more comfortable you feel in your body, the better it is for your mental health.

4.    Become an architect for a day

Another great way to distract yourself is by creating your dream house on computer software! You do not need professional training to create the house of your dreams for this. Just go online and try programs like SketchUp or RoomStyler and get creative!

5.    Write your thoughts down

Write your thoughts down

If you have a flair for writing, then you can journal your thoughts every day as a great coping mechanism for yourself! Writing down your thoughts is very helpful when you are dealing with anxiety. 

Take this writing a little further and indulge it in creative activities like writing poetry. Historically speaking, the best pieces of art are created out of raw emotions, penned down at the right moment. You can unleash your inner Mozart and write songs, or poetry, or even stories if you feel like it! 

Final words

Coping mechanisms are very subjective, and we all have different ways to get mental health help and support. However, if you feel like you are in a losing battle with depression and anxiety, you must take a stand now. Push yourself today to do the things you like. You may have bad days where all you want to do is nothing but don’t give up. 

Take those days off, but wake up the next day recharged and ready to take back the control in your life. Remember, you are always in charge. Your depression may try to bring you down, but you must stand your ground and fight it with all you have!


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