How to Build the Perfect Content Marketing Campaign?

Author:Shreelekha Singh
Published On:20-05-20
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The World Wide Web is a stage. Content is the best performer. So, why not organize an effective content marketing campaign for your website?

In an information-driven world, content is undoubtedly the king. For modern businesses, content is the key to unlock their digital potential. Content paves the way to reach the audience while building an online reputation. From empowering your online presence to strengthening your brand recognition and driving revenues, it serves an array of marketing purposes.

Content Marketing, in the simplest terms, is a road map to create and promote content capable of converting viewers into buyers. With a nuanced strategy of a content marketing campaign, you can leverage the enormous virtual space for fueling your business. This post will take you through some actionable ideas to craft the perfect content marketing campaign and scale greater heights on the web.

Set the Goals – The ‘Why’

You cannot jump right into the campaign without preparing the groundwork. Defining the objectives of your strategy is the right start. This will involve setting certain metrics to measure the success of your content marketing campaign. Answering the question ‘why’ at the outset will take you a long way in achieving your goals.

With a list of goals in hand, you will have the right direction to move forward. Moreover, you have more latitude in choosing your goals initially. This is the time where you have not made any commitments to others or any monetary investments.

Know Your Audience – The ‘Who’

After deciding the purpose, you have to understand your target group. Proper research about the intended audience will give you the focus points. Remember, the right content should create meaning and add value to the viewers. Creating something relatable increases your acceptance among the readers. Understanding your audience helps find the relevant topic for content creation.

Demographics and Psychographics are the two key aspects of knowing your target group. While the former denotes the quantitative traits like gender, age, location, the latter represents qualitative ideas. This research will also help you expand your presence where your audience is dominant.

Blogs, Videos, Podcasts – The ‘What’

Digital marketing is not limited to copywriting. SEO blogging, explainer videos, and podcasts are a few other scalable ways to increase visibility on the web and drive traffic to your website. Let us look at the best ways to use different kinds of content for a perfect content marketing campaign.


You can either create a blog section on your website or start one on popular blogging platforms like Medium, HubSpot, and other similar platforms. A catchy headline and a striking cover image are the two elements to focus on. Another important thing to keep in mind is to always update your blog. Trends change, and so do people’s content needs. Staying relevant is the key to a successful campaign.

There are three E’s to mold your blog:

  • Evergreen: This denotes the subjects that are relevant to your line of business. It does not require any major changes but remains informative for a long time.
  • Engagement: This relates to conversational and rather informal blogs on hot topics. It focuses on giving people something to talk about.
  • Events: This covers any big happenings in your industry.


Research shows that putting a video on the landing page can amplify conversion by up to 80%.

Of course, there are many kinds of videos to choose from. The studio-made videos require more effort than those made with graphics and animation. It is on you to decide which video type you are comfortable with. There are some important aspects of any marketing video:

  • Keep the video as short as possible. Catch people’s attention in the least time.
  • Make the best use of tools and gadgets available at your disposal.
  • Focus on conveying the right story more than how perfect it looks.
  • Choose a pleasing background sound if you are talking in the video.


While blogs require language skills, videos demand designing prowess. Podcasts, on the other hand, are comparatively easier to create. With so many platforms like Buzzsprout, O2Pod Collective, and Audiomatic coming up, podcasts are a trendy medium for content marketing campaign. Listening to content is, in fact, a more preferred option among the audience.

All you need to create the perfect podcast is your script, some tools, and a little practice.

Keyword Research and Content Agenda – The ‘How’


This is where we finally get down to business. When you are aware of the goals of your campaign and know what your audience is, then strategizing the agenda is easy. Your content should help you showcase how you stand out from the rest while creating a meaningful presence online.

These steps will help you build your agenda most productively:

Put Everything on the Plate

To start, it is good to collect all your ideas, the good, the bad, the okay, in one place. This will give you a footing to build upon. Keep the ideas that you think will interest your target audience.

Find the Right Keywords

One of the most popular ways to increase your outreach and visibility is through keywords. Finding the right keywords can seal the deal. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to pick the words best suited for your business.

Shortlist Your Ideas

Take your list of ideas from the first step and finetune it vis-à-vis the keywords. This step will take some brainstorming to distinguish the good topics from the bad ones. In the process, you can pick your best ideas and work on them first.

Streamline and Prioritize

Different topics will weigh differently in terms of keywords, user interests, and your business goals. Assign different ranks to your ideas based on an evaluation of these factors.

Building the right content marketing campaign strategy is no cakewalk. Partnering with a few industry experts can help you carve a niche for your business on the internet. We, at WrittenlyHub, provide an array of content writing services to give you a competitive edge over others. Right from analyzing the market landscape to crafting a gripping content strategy, we follow a concise and simple pipeline of work.

Our well-crafted content will not only empower your brand but also promote intuitive engagement with your audience. In the end, isn’t it all about adding meaning to your brand image? If you are looking to achieve something big with your business in the digital scene, then choose WrittenlyHub.

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