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Translating AR glasses to AI-powered meetings: a rundown of the Google I/O Conference 2022

Author: Team WH
Published On: 18-05-22
Last Updated on: 23-05-22
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Google I/O Conference 2022 kicked off on 11th May and was a stellar show for developers and tech geeks globally. The two-hour-long event was live streamed globally and was hosted by the CEO, Sundar Pichai.

The main highlight of Google I/O Conference 2022 was to show how Google strives to improve people’s lives through technology.

“Throughout the pandemic, Google has focused on delivering accurate information to help people stay healthy. In Ukraine, we worked with the government to rapidly deploy air raid alerts. To date, we’ve delivered hundreds of millions of alerts to help people get to safety,” said Pichai during the opening speech.

Level Up Your Life with Google Maps And Google Translate

Are you traveling to a new country but don’t know the language well? Google Translate is here to help you interact with the locals comfortably.

Google has added 24 new languages to Translate, including indigenous languages like Guarani and Aymara. So, Translate is now empowered by real-time translation, with 133 languages in total!

Want to find your way around? The upgraded Google Maps will lead the way with immersive 3D viewing. Check out its cool features –

  • Aerial captures and street view data offer better 3D views
  • Shows eco-friendly and faster driving routes
  • You get carbon emission estimates while searching for flights

More than a billion people use Google Maps every day in 220 countries. These updates will be a boon for them!

Cool Gadgets Galore!

Google gadgets

Besides amazing software updates, Google also launched some exciting gadgets – Pixel 6A and Pixel Buds Pro!

The Pixel 6A is a much more affordable version of the Pixel 6 model. It comes with an excellent horizontal camera bar like Pixel 6 and a similar tensor chip.

So, you can enjoy Google Pixel goodness, even if you’re on a budget! It’s available for pre-ordering from July 21.  

Next is the Pixel Buds Pro, equipped with a 6-core audio processor. It can easily cancel out ambient noise, offering a convenient experience. Moreover, it also comfortably fits your ear’s shape, maximizing noise cancellation!

That’s not all! At the end of the conference, Google also presented some augmented reality glasses. Its key feature is the ability to perform real-time translation. How cool is that?

Where Is Google Headed?

41% of companies state that video calls engage their teams better. That’s why Google is set to launch AI-powered Google Meets, which will make you look better during video meetings.

Google Meet will now utilize image processing to enhance the brightness of images without the help of external light sources.

In addition, Google Assistant’s upgrades will ensure you receive better results for your queries. The new “look and talk” feature lets you ask questions without saying, “Hey, Google.”

IO conference

While concluding the conference, Sundar Pichai stated, “The advances we’ve shared today are possible only because of our continued innovation in our infrastructure. Recently we announced plans to invest $9.5 billion in data centers and offices across the U.S.”

To sum it up, Google is set to swipe every tech giant off its feet in the coming months!

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