Google's new digital marketing certification

Google Launches a New Digital Marketing Certification Course: Here’s What You Can Expect

Author: Team WH
Published On: 21-05-22
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The pandemic accelerated the growth of the digital world exponentially, leading to a boom in the need for digital marketing roles. Banking upon that requirement, more and more professionals are now stepping up to fill the shoes of digital marketer.

“Businesses need digital marketing and eCommerce talent more than ever before; 86% of business leaders report that digital commerce will be the most important route to marketing over the next two years. There are 218,000 U.S. job openings in this growing field, with a median entry-level salary of $51,000”, says Google.

Gauging that evergreen need of individuals to upskill themselves, Google has launched a new certification course in marketing and eCommerce!

What is the course about?

The Digital Marketing and eCommerce certificate course is exclusively available on Coursera. It requires no more than six months of your precious time, spread across 10 hours a week. The course is led by Google experts and will cost you about $39 per month.

Every learner enrolled in the course will have access to and learn the nitty-gritty of the following tools:

  • Canva
  • Constant Contact
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify
  • Twitter

What skills will the learner acquire?

“The seven-course certificate is designed to equip learners in less than six months with the in-demand skills for jobs in this growing sector, including digital marketing specialist, eCommerce specialist, and marketing coordinator”, says Google.

Once the Marketing and eCommerce  certification ends, the learner will gain:

  • A basic fundamental of digital marketing and eCommerce
  • Foundational skills required to procure a digital marketing job
  • The ability to judge the digital marketing and eCommerce efforts against the current insights and analytics
  • The expertise in leveraging marketing channels like emails to engage with potential customers
  • The primary sense of creating eCommerce stores
  • Sure-shot skills to adjudge online performance and the ability to create a solid plan to ensure customer loyalty

Is getting a Google Digital Marketing certificate worth your money and time?

“75% of Google Career Certificate graduates in the United States report seeing a positive impact on their career within six months, including a raise or a new job”, says Google.

Google digital marketing Certification courses

These career certification courses curated and run by Google experts help professionals go the extra mile. In the face of growing demand, these additional skill sets will only prove instrumental in your career progression!

Don’t believe it? Check out Google’s official YouTube and watch individual testimonials of how Google courses prepared people to step up for challenging jobs.

You can also browse through the long list of Google career certification courses here. There is no prior qualification required. Learn at your own set pace and train yourself to capture better opportunities at your dream company!

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