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Is Earth Too Hot To Handle? Climate Change Has Its Consequences

If you are familiar with Netflix’s popular reality TV show Too Hot To Handle, you know what we are talking about. Yes, the one with all the gorgeous men and women. However, we have a new contestant who needs our complete and undivided attention. The earth might just be too hot to handle for us now. We are all aware of climate change and its consequences. This phrase has been tossed around the internet for decades now. However, we have only recently felt its sinister presence. 

Climate change- Too hot to handle

From the Australian wildfires to the novel Corona Virus outbreak, if we dig deep enough, we will understand that every problem we face today can be tracked down to climate change. We first felt the tremors around 30 years ago, with a slight imbalance in the carbon emissions released by us.

Now, it is a problem of biblical proportions that affects not only our biodiversity and ecology but also the world economy and the survival of mankind. Mentioned below are a few things that you can blatantly condemn climate change for.

4 Instances Where We Felt Climate Change The Strongest

Here are four times where climate change was to be blamed for:

1. The Australian Wildfires 

The Australian Wildfires were some of the worst bushfires we have ever seen. This was experienced after we recorded the hottest year on earth along with accelerated rates of fossil fuel depletion. The wildfires were indeed caused due to climate change. The wildlife and flora of Australia took a hit due to these fires, and the damage is almost irreparable. 

2. The Increasing Number of Cyclones 

2020 has seen a significant rise in the number of cyclones and their intensity. The year may have started with wildfires that engulfed a continent. However, we seeped our way into cyclonic winds and stormy terrors. India, for that matter, saw two of the worst cyclones it has seen in decades this year. Both were just a few weeks apart.

3.    The East African Drought 

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Where a part of the world is drowning, another part suffers drought. The East African drought has become a cause of concern for millions of people, both directly and indirectly. This drought has caused lives and has put people out of jobs mercilessly. Africa had seen two severe drought seasons before 2019, in 2011 and 2017. Things have just gotten worse since and you can relate each to the climate change issues that the world is going through. 

4.    The South Asian Floods

India, Bangladesh, and Nepal endured severe floods in the last two years. These floods were observed in many different parts of these countries and resulted in a lot of damage. The floods took many lives and cost people their entire life’s savings. These floods not only affected them financially, but they also broke their spirits. 

Is it too late?

Stopping all carbon emissions and suddenly switching to a sustainable lifestyle might just not cut it. Climate change will still be showing its repercussions. Even if we succeed in this endeavor, carbon emissions are set to stay in our atmosphere for decades or even centuries. Our actions now will determine the future and how bad things will get.

No Planet B

A change is needed. However, climate action is not something we can pursue as a hobby anymore. We need to make a change, and we need to make one now. It may seem like it’s too late. A lot of damage has been done already. However, this is not where we stop. Our actions can still make a change in the future. Centuries from now, wildfires, and terrifying cyclones will be folklore if we start today. Let’s make this planet our priority because the sooner we realize that this is not a one-man show, the sooner we get to live prosperous and sustainable lives!

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  1. Can’t imagine the extent of damage done by us on our environment. This was definitely an eye opener 😮