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Monetise Your Creator Status With Twitter’s New Super Followers Only Spaces Feature

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Expanding the world of content, Twitter is now rolling out its new subscriber-only feature to help content creators build a stronger community. With the ‘Super Follower-only Spaces,’ creators can now take one step closer to their following.

As of now, this element is only available to a selected bunch of creators.

“Now with Super Followers-only Spaces, creators can offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters beyond Tweets by engaging them through live audio”, says team Twitter. That said, it’s a minor add-on in the long-drawn experiment of introducing creator monetisation elements on Twitter.

The link for Super Followers-only Spaces comes in a different and eye-catchy color palette. The top of the broadcast also includes a special mention that reads ‘Super Followers only.’ The users who haven’t subscribed to the creator will not gain access to this space. However, they’ll still notice when the broadcast goes live.

A great way to entice non-subscribers with a sneak peek and a quick view of who all are joining the broadcast. It will undoubtedly help creators beef up their subscriber base.

Twitter Super Followers-only Space: Hit or Flop?

Twitter, in its recent earnings report, noted that there has been a 31% decrease in revenue brought from subscriptions. Its latest performance reported only $94 million brought from subscriptions and other sources.

Since the Super Followers-only Space launched in September 2021, the low earnings indicate that the new feature hasn’t stirred any interest amongst the crowd. Although, many people did not officially have the option available to them either.

Why hasn’t the feature worked as expected?

Part of the issue is that Twitter has always allowed open and accessible public conversations. This unique feature goes against the very nature of Twitter, making exclusive tweets to certain subscribers only. The appeal to pay for something that’s been free forever isn’t much too appealing!

The creators must strategize for the new feature to take off from the ground truly. A well-detailed plan for what different things they are willing to offer to their subscribers to entice them is the key to success for the Twitter Super Followers-only Space. Otherwise, why should anyone pay to read exclusive tweets from someone they barely know on the internet?

What’s next?

This add-on new feature is low-cost and low-commitment. If a creator has a massive base of subscribers interested in what they have to say, then perhaps creating an exclusive talk show might help!

Anyway, whether this feature will work out amongst the masses, we shall know now! Twitter is rolling out the new feature to all the Twitter Super Follower creators from this week.

Subscribers worldwide, surfing Twitter on their Android and iOS, will get a chance to join and speak in the broadcast. Subscribers using the Twitter web will only get to join and listen, not talk.

What do you think about the Twitter Super Followers-only Spaces? Will it gain popularity and love amongst the Twitter crowd? Or will it fade away with time? Let us know in the comments!

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