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Top 5 Content Writing Marketplaces for Quality Writers


Finding freelance writers to outsource content creation is a common practice today. It is a great way to ensure that a business can produce and publish good quality content even on a budget. 81% of marketers surveyed by CMI expressed that content and content creation is a core business strategy.

However, organizations often tend to struggle with hiring the right content creators and writers – especially when outsourcing content writing. So how does one find their perfect match? By choosing the right content writing marketplace!

What is a content writing marketplace?

A content writing marketplace is a place for businesses and writers to connect and collaborate. Businesses can leverage the platform to search for writers with relevant expertise and experience. It removes the need for a middleman, making it cheaper, easier, and quicker for businesses to discover the right content writers for any type of content needed.

5 best marketplaces for outsourcing content writing

There are thousands of content marketing platforms and freelance websites that offer varied options. Here’s a list of the top 5 that have managed to stand out for their great content.

1. Semrush Marketplace

Semrush Marketplace is an excellent platform for high-quality content writing. Semrush created this tool in 2019 to assist with filling an editorial schedule with all main content forms. However, it is now available to all, and anyone can use their content writing services to create any form of content promptly and inexpensively.

All the writers on Semrush Marketplace are well-established, seasoned specialists working in distinct fields. So whether they are blog posts, website content, email newsletters, ebooks, press releases, or infographics – Semrush has an expert to help you with it.

What’s more is that by using Semrush Marketplace, a company can also outsource content in local languages for certain countries.

2. WHub

The WHub content writing marketplace by WrittenlyHub is one of the best for quality content writing services. It’s the ultimate platform to connect clients with talented freelance writers and content creators. Whether it’s SEO content, blog posts, or web copy, WHub offers diverse writing services to cater to different content needs.

It started as a medium to help the company streamline their internal workflows for managing content projects. Over time, the platform expanded to become a place where brands and writers from all over the world could team up with each other.

The WHub makes it simpler for clients to find high quality writers based on their individual content needs. From onboarding to delivery, the platform makes the client journey hassle-free by allowing them to track progress easily. Moreover, it offers writers the opportunity to collaborate with high-value brands. Content writers can easily apply to work on the platform and get matched with projects of their choice.

3. Writer Access

Writer Access is among the most highly-rated outsourcing hubs today. The platform has writers from all over the world. Businesses can use the Writer Access platform to delegate a wide range of assignments to writers, including product descriptions, case studies, marketing copy, blog posts,  video scripts, website content, and more.

Writer Access evaluates prospective writers through a skill set exam and a review of their writing samples. Writers are granted a star rating and compensated appropriately after being approved by the platform. Nevertheless, writers are only allowed to work with the customers they meet through Writer Access within the scope of the site. However, writers receive excellent exposure, hence making this condition acceptable.

4. Upwork

Finding legitimate clients is a pretty steep hill to climb in terms of finding writing jobs online. However, Upwork is one of those rare platforms that ensures credibility to writers. But it does not limit itself to writers alone. Clients can hire graphic designers, social media strategists, and even voice-over artists on Upwork.

Freelancers on Upwork pay a service fee of 5% to 20% on their lifetime billings. This is a pretty hefty fee to pay for most. However, Upwork, formerly known as Elance, also eliminates a big chunk of competition. Moreover, it verifies payment methods for clients and allows writers to rest easy knowing that they will be compensated for their work.

5. Narrato MarketPlace

Narrato Marketplace is a useful and client-centric content writing marketplace. The AI-run platform matches clients to appropriate content writers that might serve their purpose and lean into their specificities and requirements. Narrato offers a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours for content projects.

In addition, Narrato allows unlimited revisions for each piece of writing. Whether it is a blog post, website copy, product descriptions or any other type of content that you wish to outsource, Narrato will match you with the best and ensure that you walk away with the best too!

6. Contently


Contently is another content writing marketplace ideal for freelance gigs and side hustles. Through this platform, a freelance writer can earn on a per-word basis that can range between $0.25 to $2.

With competitive payments for writers, Contently also ensures enhanced ROI for clients through their extensive range of 16,000 content creators with various experience levels.

Writers can join the Contently team for free. However, clients need to pay on a monthly basis to receive curated content. The payment range starts from  $499 a month.

7. Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com is an excellent content marketplace for writers looking for freelance opportunities. Like Upwork, this platform allows writers to bid for short-term and long-term projects.

This digital content marketplace is especially suitable for aspiring writers as they can leverage its contest feature and assess their writing skills. Using this feature, clients hire multiple writers at a time to get different versions for their projects and pick and pay for the one with the best quality.

This prompts the writers to put in their best efforts and earn client trust for more opportunities. The only shortcoming is that Freelancer.com offers only 8 free bids, following which writers must pay for jobs they want to apply for that month.

8. PeoplePerHour


This is also a very popular content marketplace platform among freelance content writers.

It allows the writers to set their schedule and choose to work part-time or full-time according to their convenience.

It also has an extensive global client base, offering constant workflow for talented writers. Additionally, PeoplePerHour offers a secure payment structure to the writers, and they can earn up to 80% of their project earnings in Euros or Dollars as per their preference.

However, this content writer marketplace is more about finding local writers and, hence, is ideal for freelancers residing in larger cities.


So, now you know the top 8 content marketplaces that are available for you to leverage. Whether you’re a business or a content creator, this list aims to serve you equally. After all, finding content writers is just as tough as finding content writing jobs.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that offers content writing services across all formats and makes it easy for you to search for the best writers for your needs, then a content writing marketplace like WHub is the right choice for you! So, don’t wait any longer. Hire a content writer today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are content writing services?

Think of content writing services as your personal editorial team. They’re specialized services that businesses use to get tailor-made written content, from blog posts and articles to e-books and newsletters, all crafted to meet your brand’s specific needs and voice.

2. Why is content strategy important?

Content strategy is your roadmap for meaningful, cohesive, and engaging content that serves your business goals. It ensures your content does more than just exist; it performs, turning readers into customers and customers into loyal fans.

3. What services does a content writer offer?

A content writer can be your word wizard. They offer a spectrum of services including blog writing, creating website copy, drafting email campaigns, producing eBooks, and crafting social media content. They can even fine-tune your existing content to pack a stronger punch.

4. Why hire content writing services?

Bringing in the pros means you’re serious about your message. Content writing services provide expertise, efficiency, and a fresh perspective that can elevate your brand’s communication. They save you time and often turn out to be a smart investment in your marketing strategy.

5. Who needs a content writer?

Any business or individual aiming to connect with a larger audience online could use a content writer. Whether it’s a startup, a seasoned company, a solo entrepreneur, or even a non-profit, a content writer helps translate your thoughts into words that resonate.

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