top content writing companies in India

Top Content Writing Companies in India Ruling the Content Industry


Do you want your target audience to discover, trust, and engage with your brand?

That’s exactly where you need the services of a content development agency.

Choosing among the best content writing companies in India will enrich your blog posts, social media content and similar formats. You can successfully educate, inform and engage your prospects. Soon, you’ll be able to boost your lead generation strategies.

To simplify your search, this blog lists the top content writing companies in India and offers tips for selecting the right firm. Gear up to take your brand to greater heights with high quality content!

1. WrittenlyHub – Premium Content Marketing Agency

WrittenlyHub Top Content Writing Company in India

We begin our list of top 10 content writing companies in India with WrittenlyHub, a boutique content marketing agency from Bangalore.

We offer brand-centric content writing services that help boost lead generation and online presence.

Our creative ideation and diligent efforts transform a brand’s vision into words. Be it an e-commerce brand, a SaaS startup or a seasoned product-based company, WrittenlyHub handles it all. We have a streamlined workflow and a dedicated team of expert writers to provide actionable content. Our team establishes the right content pillars to boost brand outreach.

That’s not all! We’re also prompt with project deliveries and strive to adhere to deadlines. We ensure that client support and communication are seamless, making query resolution a breeze. Our content marketers guide you at every step of the content development process.

Plus, we offer the required support if you need to scale your content strategy.

WrittenlyHub has the experience and expertise to supercharge your content marketing with top-notch content. We provide content for all types of organisations across different domains. No matter what your requirements are, we have a solution for you.

Our content creation services comprise SEO content writing, blog writing, copywriting, academic writing, social media marketing, and more. Plus, we have recently launched our very own content marketplace called WHub.  

We offer the best content services to brands looking for results-oriented content and an end-to-end content strategy.

Key Highlights

  • SEO content writing for better brand visibility
  • High-quality web content for improved conversions
  • Top-notch technical writing and copywriting to fuel sales
  • Social media marketing for elevated online presence

2. Write Right

write right content writing company

Write Right is another one of the top content writing companies in India, ideal for B2B and B2C content. Based out of Ahmedabad, the company has a proven track record of over 6 years in the content marketing industry. The services will suit small- and mid-level companies.

The company aims to provide exceptional content for new-age startups, established organisations, and students. They understand the client’s requirements, expectations, and marketing objectives.

Their array of services includes ghostwriting, SOP writing, academic writing, personal statement content, and LinkedIn profile content creation.

Moreover, they provide LOR writing, resume writing, tourist Visa SOP and Special case SOP services. So, if a student aspires to study abroad, Write Right can help them get into their dream universities.

Key Highlights

  • Personalized, original and error-free content
  • Streamlined content creation with a 90% acceptance rate
  • Quality academic writing for undergraduate and postgraduate courses

3. Pepper Content

pepper content content writing company

Pepper Content is a popular content writing agency in Mumbai, offering top-notch services. They have a vast client base comprising over 1000 companies across various domains.

The agency has gained the most popularity for running an excellent content marketplace with more than 50,000 freelancers. So, whether you are an aspiring freelancer or a brand needing actionable content, Pepper Content can be suitable.

Their other services also include scriptwriting and podcast content development. Further, they offer a variety of content solutions such as a Content Marketing Platform, Content OS, Organic Marketing Stack, and a talent network.

They have also launched an AI-based content creation tool called Pepper AI that produces brand-specific content. Marketers struggling with content writing can leverage this tool to strengthen their content strategy.

Key Highlights

  • Excellent content and video production services
  • Translation services in over 45 languages
  • Top-class content marketplace with varied projects
  • Innovative solutions like Pepper AI, Content Refresh and keyword tracking

4. WittyPen

witty pen content writing company

WittyPen is another company based out of Maharashtra and is considered among the top content writing agencies in India. The company has an experienced content writing team and works with notable brands like Swiggy and Freshworks.

The content agency provides scalable services to suit the needs of all types of organisations. So, if you’re unsure about your content requirements and strategy, the professionals at WittyPen can help. You also receive high-quality editing and plagiarism detection for authentic content.

Besides providing SEO-optimized article writing, technical writing, and copyrighting services, they also have a content marketplace. Beginners or experienced freelancers can find excellent projects for a steady income. They also offer actionable advice and guidance to improve your content quality. 

Key Highlights

  • Quality SEO writing, pillar page content, and white papers
  • A reliable content marketplace for freelancers
  • Helps hire seasoned content writers
  • Reasonably priced service packages

5. Content Whale

content whale content writing company

The company is seasoned in providing with all types of creative content writing services like blogs, landing pages and e-books. They also offer technical writing, SEO writing, editing, product descriptions, newsletter content and case studies.

Content Whale has established their name in the list of best content writing agencies in India due to their reliable services. They pride themselves on delivering authentic content quickly, sometimes within 48 hours!

Renowned brands like HSBC, TATA, ICICI and Thomas Cook trust their services. They have a trained team of writers and handle all niches like technology, healthcare, finance and lifestyle. 

Key Highlights

  • Personalized pricing packages with attractive discounts
  • Proofread, original, SEO-optimized and error-free content
  • Ad banners, logos, and poster design services offered
  • Quick turnaround time

6. Apna Writer

apna writer content writing companies in India

Apna Writer is also among the providers of best content writing services in India, offering customer-focused content in multiple niches. With an experience of over 5 years in the content industry, they provide 100% original and well-researched content.

They serve different clients, including product brands, affiliate marketers, bloggers, e-commerce companies, and B2B marketers. Their content services comprise blog posts, email content, ad copies, product descriptions, news writing, white papers and press releases.

They handle different niches and offer content to establish any brand’s online presence. Scaling your content requirements is also convenient with Apna Writer, who are experts in handling bulk requirements. Clients always receive top-notch and engaging content pieces.

Plus, their content creation team tackles revisions efficiently with no extra costs. The team ensures they meet the client’s business goals and content marketing strategy.

Key Highlights

  • Cost per word and other flexible pricing models
  • Content marketing, keyboard research, and strategising solutions
  • Notable clients include SocialPilot, Ziplyne, and TheHomeOffice
  • Services suitable for small and medium-sized business

7. Content Euphoria

content euphoria content writing companies in India

The next company on our list is Content Euphoria, which has a huge range of content solutions across all domains. They are experienced in providing academic and professional content solutions to boost and meet the client’s needs.

With excellent rankings from Trustpilot, Clutch, and GoodFirms, the organisation levels up any content strategy. Their vast clientele includes Adani Group, Chegg, Wood Box, Insurance 360, Unacademy, Absoft, TechStory, and Cult.

Plus, their content solutions include SOP, college essays, Visa SOP, cover letters, personal statements, and scholarship letters. They offer copywriting, blog writing, web content, SEO content, technical content, email writing and social media content.

They hire among the best content writers in India to deliver top-class content.

Key Highlights

  • Creative writing, video script writing, resume writing 
  • 360-degree content solutions for famous brands
  • Over 8K satisfied customers across the world
  • Reliable and effective academic content services

8. Scatter

scatter content writing companies in India

Scatter aims to provide innovative and creative content services that boost business performance. They have been in the industry for over 8 years and established their presence through top-notch solutions. Their streamlined processes enable them to strengthen marketing strategies.

The company’s modern vibe and approach have attracted new-age startups to large conglomerates.

With more than 700 content creators on their side, they claim to amplify sales and conversion rates. Some of their clients include Airtel, Mahindra, Disney Hotstar, Indeed and World Gold Council.

They have divided their content services into 4 types – lead conversion, sales enablement, customer experience, and community building. Their team of content creators aim to level up brand marketing engagement and address the audience’s needs.  

Key Highlights

  • Insight-driven and tailored content for maximum engagement
  • A team comprising SEO experts, designers, and video creators
  • Clients include Vogue, GQ, Mashable, and The Indian Express
  • Has provided content solutions for Salesforce

9. Das Writing Services

das writing services content writing companies in India

This Kolkata-based content agency is hailed as one of the best in the business, with notable companies on their client list. With immense industry experience, their writers offer genuine content crafted to boost brand visibility. They claim to provide content having a maximum sales quotient.

With 2000 completed projects and 9 industry awards, Das Writing Services offers a client satisfaction rate of almost 85%. Their vast clientele includes Growww, Bajaj Finserv, Hindustan Times, BYJU’S, HDFC, Rupeek and Digit. Also, they follow the latest SEO updates for creating polished content.

Their content solutions cover almost everything a brand needs to reach more customers. It comprises SEO articles, technical content, web content, copywriting, video descriptions, social media content, and cover letter content.

Lastly, if you want your brand content to be found by Siri, Alexa or Cortana users, the company offers voice-optimized content. 

Key Highlights

  • Huge array of content solutions
  • Attractive pricing packages with great discounts
  • Fast delivery time of 48 hours
  • Efficient communication and client onboarding process

10. Just Words

just words content writing companies in India

The final entry on our list of the top content writing companies in India is Just Words, a company from Gurugram. Established back in 2010, their objective is to create content that helps businesses rise above the rest. They have handled more than 400 clients and completed over 450 projects.

Their services include SEO-optimized content creation, marketing, developing content strategies, and engaging social media content creation. Moreover, they can handle e-books, infographics, motion graphics, case studies, and white papers.

Web design, website development, and mobile app development also fall under their suite of services. So, if you want to upgrade your site or mobile app and content, Just Words can be ideal. Their experienced team handles all client requests like a pro!

Their most notable clients include HSBC, Practo, Reliance General Insurance, Big Basket Yatra.com, Nura, Wint, Shaadi.com, and ICICI.

Key Highlights

  • Full-fledged content marketing solutions
  • Pricing plans suitable for all types of companies
  • Streamlined workflow for handling bulk orders
  • Specialized SEO services for improved visibility and ROI

How to Find the Best Content Writing Company?

Almost 88% of marketers have achieved their business objectives through successful content marketing. You can also gain that edge over your competitors through top-notch content from a seasoned agency.

However, finding the best content writing company in India that suits your business can be confusing. You have to consider factors like content types offered, turnaround times, and customer service. Let’s discuss the selection factors in detail.

Types of Content Solutions

Choose a company offering SEO content if you need better website traffic and visibility. For showcasing your brand’s performance, choose a firm providing case studies and whitepapers. Further, if you need a better social media presence, choose companies creating social posts.

So, choosing a company will depend on your content needs and marketing objectives. Select a company providing all kinds of content solutions to get the best value for money.

Content Quality and Experience

Check out the official company website to learn about their industry experience and past clients. It will give you an idea of their service standards and domain expertise. You can ask about their content writing team’s experience to understand more.

A great way to check out content quality is to ask for samples. Most notable companies offer samples by emailing them to you.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is as important as providing good content for the business. So, when interacting with an agency, analyse their communication. See how fast they respond to your queries and if they understand your requirements.

Focus on their questions about your business goals and responsiveness during meetings. Ask whether they’ll loop you in during the content creation process. Talk about the approximate turnaround times for your project and the number of revisions offered.

Pricing Packages

The content solutions of a company must always match your budget. See how the company accepts payment – per word basis or project basis. Ask if they offer any discounts or whether they need some advance payment.

Some companies might provide a personalised pricing plan according to your requirements. Inquire about bulk content projects and how the prices will differ.

Parting Thoughts

These tips will help you find the best company for your business from the top content writing companies in India discussed here.

No matter which company you select, defining your marketing objectives first is vital. You also need to identify the ideal content formats that align with your content marketing strategy. This will enable you to find the appropriate company for your marketing campaigns.

Also, state your content quality expectations and target audience while interacting with a preferred company. Clarity on these aspects to help writers craft more tailored content. As a result, you’ll enjoy better conversions, engagement, and brand development.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one content marketing partner trusted by global brands, WrittenlyHub is the right option for you. Drop us a message here and we’ll get back to you promptly. Or, you can sign up here to get started with quality content creation right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Choosing a Content Writing Agency Worth It?

Yes, opting for the services of a content writing agency will be a great move toward business growth. While the agency handles your content requirements, you can focus on improving your products and services.

2. How Much Do Content Writing Companies Charge in India?

The payment for content writing services depends upon your requirements and the content formats involved. Also, the price per word and number of words will affect the payment terms.

On average, the content writing budget can be between INR 15,000 to 50,000. 

3. What Are the Characteristics of an Excellent Content Writing Agency?

A great content writing company will offer quick delivery, authentic content, great editing, and convenient customer service.

4. What Type of Content Writing is in Demand?

Here are some types of content that enjoy high demand:

5. Are Customer Testimonials Important for Choosing a Content Writing Company?

Customer testimonials are real-life examples demonstrating a company’s performance and customer service efficiency. They can tell you how the company has elevated a client’s business and visibility.

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