Everything you need to know about SEO writing services

Hiring SEO Writing Services? Here’s What You Need to Know!


When was the last time you typed in a search query?

If you are reading this, it was probably a few seconds ago.

Now, ask yourself this: What brought you here? Did the title catch your attention, or was it the article’s placement on the search engine results pages?

The answer doesn’t matter. But if you must know, a lot of effort was put into making this blog visible to you. More importantly, you can position your content to be as readily available to your audience in the same way.

How so? You opt for professional SEO writing services.

Let’s start by defining what that means.

What Exactly are SEO Writing Services?

By now, most people are familiar with what search engine optimization is. However, just to establish a baseline, it refers to efforts for improving SERP rankings and generating more online traffic.

As such, content writing and SEO go hand in hand. And agencies that offer such services create high quality content that:

  • Engages your audience
  • Ranks well on search engines
  • Establishes your brand as an industry-leading authority
  • Generates new leads
  • Creates brand and product awareness

So, how do they achieve all of that? Well, experts providing SEO writing services are specialists. They have the technical knowledge, combined with an exceptional command of the language and in-depth industry insight, to deliver on that promise.

And when you work with them, you not only strengthen your marketing efforts but also solidify your online presence.

Why Should You Consider Professional SEO Writing Services?

Your digital presence and, by extension, your content marketing strategy live and die by your SERP ranking. The only way you can guarantee the success of both is by relying on professional SEO writing services. Here are the benefits you receive from hiring such services.

1. Generate More Organic Traffic & Boost Brand Authority

All digital marketing efforts focus on generating more online engagement. There are multiple ways this works. The most common one is to publish high-quality and search-engine-

optimized content that provides information to your target audience. Then, you subtly direct them to a product or service you offer. Incidentally, a HubSpot study found that this method drove more site traffic than most other channels, including social media, paid advertisements, and email marketing.

But why is this so effective?

It’s simple. People don’t like blatant promotional material, nor do they want to be told to do something. Instead, they want suggestions. So, when you prioritize SEO based content writing, you are essentially saying, “Hey, this is the information you’re looking for, and this is a product you may be interested in.”

It’s all about subtle messaging. More importantly, professional writers are well-versed in creating material that conveys the following elements:

  • Industry expertise
  • First-hand experience
  • In-depth knowledge

And by doing that, SEO content agencies help you establish brand authority in your sector. Naturally, when you build online credibility, more users flock to your website for answers to specific questions. As a result, you have an increased pool of site visitors that can be persuaded to engage with your conversion funnel.

2. Improve Search Engine Rankings & Enhance Brand Awareness

Search engines have a single function—direct users to the information they are looking for. Now, while that sounds simple enough, it is a complex process that involves URL discovery, page indexing, and multiple algorithms. All the content you publish, including blog posts, landing pages, and website content, is ranked based on its relevance to the user’s initial query.

Agencies that provide SEO content writing services already understand this. And the techniques they employ while researching and curating a specific piece are all centred around achieving higher search engine rankings.

This involves elements such as:

  • Extensive keyword research
  • Meta data optimization
  • Authoritative backlinking
  • SERP analysis
  • Proper utilization of tags and formatting

Aside from the technical aspects, there’s a great deal of professional expertise involved. You see, anybody can create a passable draft for a blog or a sales copy. However, only a handful can write authoritative content that resonates with your brand identity.

When you work with companies that offer SEO writing services, that’s precisely what you get.

3. Enable You to Allocate Organizational Resources Better

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or any other form of paid advertisement is typically a gamble. And that’s primarily due to the fluctuating return on such channels. Let’s understand this better with HubSpot’s Advertising ROI Calculator:

Say, you have a monthly promotional budget of 500 USD. You are willing to pay 1 USD per click.

That would give you 15 new leads, with the cost of each being 33 USD. In the end, you would have an estimated revenue of 3,750 USD, out of which 3,250 USD would be gross profit. Overall, this is a 650% return on your ad spend.

Sounds great, right? Yet, those numbers aren’t accounting for other critical factors, including the following:

  • Target conversion percentage
  • Average customer value or sale price
  • Achieved lead-to-customer rate

The more these three elements fluctuate, the lower your ROI gets.

On the other hand, SEO content writers are significantly cheaper.

Since it’s already established that content writing for SEO results in more organic traffic, it’s obvious to see which one of the two is more cost-effective.

How Can WrittenlyHub Help You?

As a leading content marketing agency, WrittenlyHub specializes in creating high-quality, customised content for brands. Our expert content team comprises:

  • Trainer writers and editors with expertise across B2B and B2C industries
  • Experienced content marketers
  • Social media strategists
  • Seasoned copywriters

Our offerings are spread out over multiple niches and formats, including SEO blog writing, SEO article writing, social media copywriting, web copywriting, technical SEO, and more. Put simply, we deliver top-notch and authoritative content that converts and retains your target audience.

Our content creation process includes the following:

  • An extensive discussion regarding your marketing objectives
  • Establishing a dedicated content schedule for consistent posting
  • A thorough industry and competitor analysis
  • An examination of the top-performing formats and trends
  • Comprehensive and multi-step editing and proof-reading
  • Structured and quick project turnaround time

We promise to help you carve out your rightful place in your industry. So, why wait? Contact us to take your online presence to the next level.

People Commonly Ask

Is SEO content writing necessary to grow your online presence?

Multiple studies have established that organic search generates the highest online traffic. The HubSpot report mentioned in the article above is just one example. So, while not necessary, SEO content writing can definitely accelerate your digital growth.

Can start-ups and SMEs benefit from SEO writing services?

Start-ups and SMEs are two organization types that benefit significantly from SEO writing services. Since these companies typically tend to have a limited advertising budget, SEO-focused marketing is vastly more cost-effective for them. In addition, such channels set up their brands for sustainable online growth over time.

Will publishing content frequently result in better SERP rankings?

While publishing consistently can lead to higher SERP rankings, it is more critical to create authoritative, high-quality, and well-researched content. Apart from that, keyword research, incorporating metadata, and proper backlinking are crucial as well.

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