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Mastering Life and Career: My WrittenlyHub Journey

Life At WH

“Conquering life; one challenge at a time

Each occurrence in life carries its purpose and unfolds precisely in its designated moment. WrittenlyHub illustrates this truth in my own journey.

I completed my graduation in Management Studies with a focus on finance but soon came to the realization that it didn’t align with my true passion. Throughout my journey, I’ve always possessed a deep-seated desire to help others, regardless of the scale of their needs. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon my first client-facing role that I felt an unmistakable sense of purpose. However, despite my newfound direction, no job seemed truly fulfilling.

How My Journey at WrittenlyHub Began

I was actively seeking exciting work opportunities, and it was during this quest that I discovered WrittenlyHub.

I impulsively threw my hat in the ring for the role of Customer Success Executive, though wasn’t entirely sure what the position entailed. However, driven by an intuitive sense that it was the opportunity I needed. As luck would have it, I initially missed the boat on the group interview, and I couldn’t help but think that I blew my chance.

But to my surprise, the WrittenlyHub team kindly gave me a second shot with a virtual face-to-face interview. This encounter felt remarkably akin to a therapeutic session, as I openly and honestly shared my past experiences, with the team displaying remarkable attentiveness and empathy throughout our conversation. I finally bagged the role and began working in the Customer Success Executive role.

WrittenlyHub Team Acted as a Solid Support System for Me

I found myself fortunate to be part of an exceptional team, led by remarkable individuals who were consistently available and patient, a quality I deeply resonated with. What truly distinguished WrittenlyHub for me was the distinctive company culture and flexibility.

Little did I anticipate that WrittenlyHub would become an integral part of my life, serving as a lifeline during one of my most challenging life phases. Initially hired for an in-office role, circumstances surrounding my mother’s health compelled me to request a shift to a work-from-home position. The team not only understood my situation but also embraced my request with kind empathy.

The role of a Customer Success Executive has been a tremendous learning experience for me. A significant aspect of this position involves cultivating and maintaining strong client relationships. This skill set has had a profound ripple effect on my everyday life, leading me to develop a heightened understanding of people and their unique needs.

Caring for my ailing mother further honed my abilities in nurturing and attending to matters diligently, ultimately equipping me with valuable tools and enhanced patience. These two facets of my life, caring for my mother and our clients, converged synergistically empowering me to approach tasks proactively.

This newfound insight allowed me to better comprehend the needs of our clients and address their concerns with even greater empathy, a crucial quality in the role of Customer Success Executive.

Looking At My WrittenlyHub Adventure So Far

WrittenlyHub has been quite the school of life for me! It’s been a crash course in patience and communication skills, a boot camp for discovering my hidden leadership mojo, and a time management masterclass.

My journey at WrittenlyHub has been truly remarkable. It has been a mutual exchange of support and growth, and I hope to have made a positive impact in return. This experience has played a pivotal role in shaping my personality and professional development. I will carry a deep sense of gratitude for this opportunity with me always.

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