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WHustler Sumaiya’s Story of Strength and Never-Give-Up Attitude

Life At WH

WHustling each day to write something worth reading! 

Yes, I am a writer.  

Was this always the plan? No! 

So, am I happy? More than happy! 

Being an academic enthusiast and a student of literature, I always wanted to share my knowledge and make a career out of it by becoming a teacher or professor. But life happens to be full of surprises and after multiple diversions and detours, I have reached a point where I am the happiest. 

A Missed Opportunity Kicked Off My Content Writing Journey

While still pursuing my Master’s in English Literature, I started seeking opportunities to get started on my teaching career. Soon enough one of my professors referred my name for a guest faculty post at a college, which I was supposed to take up soon after completing my exams, due in a month. 

Everything seemed to be falling into place as expected and I was super excited to start my journey. But here’s the twist. I never took that opportunity! 

As my exams ended, my personal life took a turn. We were a family of two and due to several reasons, I had to be there for my mother. Taking a full-time job was not an option anymore as I had to be at home. So, I let it go. 

As I sat there contemplating my next steps, a friend of mine rang me up about a job she thought I was a good fit for. A start-up was looking for a part-time content writer to develop web content for their site. 

I was a literature student. Needless to say, I was used to writing. But all of it was limited to academic requirements, like essays, dissertations, and more. I never knew I could take up writing as a profession. 

I had no idea about web content writing, but I still went ahead for the interview, as this was a remote opportunity that I needed the most at that time. Fortunately, I got selected and thus started my journey as a content writer. 

Joining WrittenlyHub as a Part-Time Writer

I had started to enjoy my new-found passion. However, situations changed drastically over the next few years, and I had to let go of my career for other responsibilities.  

But then, my husband encouraged me to start again. I was away from the professional world for a long time and my confidence was a bit low. But his encouragement motivated me to try. And so, I started looking for freelance opportunities. 

While scrolling through LinkedIn I came across WrittenlyHub’s opening for a content writer. I already followed WrittenlyHub on LinkedIn for their tips and insights on content writing, so when I found an opportunity to join the team, I jumped at it. 

Soon enough, I found myself working as a part-time writer at WrittenlyHub. Initially, it was a bit overwhelming but with never-ending support from my colleagues and managers, I started improving. Their feedback and constant encouragement helped me polish my skills and evolve as a writer. 

I have now transitioned into a full-time Junior Content Writer and will soon be completing a year as a WHustler. The journey so far has been incredible with some lovely people around and an amazing work culture, where everything is fun, even the work part. And even though I work remotely, the warmth and support I receive from the team is priceless. 

How This Opportunity Helped Me Grow?

WrittenlyHub has played a significant role in my professional and personal growth as working here has been a joyful learning voyage. 

The company has provided me with an opportunity to work with diverse clients. Fulfilling their unique content requirements and expectations has allowed me to broaden my horizons across different niches, such as technology, finance, healthcare, social media marketing, lifestyle, education, and more. 

Working on these diverse projects has helped me advance my content writing skills. Moreover, the constant encouragement and appreciation from the team have helped me gain my confidence and evolve as a content writer. 

My Learnings as a WHustler

Since I joined the team, each day has taught me something new. Some crucial lessons that have helped me improve my craft: 

  • Effective time management to deliver quality within tight deadlines 
  • Taking constructive feedback positively can help you perfect your skills 
  • Supporting each other as a team and helping each other grow is essential to a happy workplace 
  • Most importantly, going that extra mile to achieve the best outcome 

Looking Forward to the Future

From knowing nothing about content writing to crafting engaging content each day, I have come quite far as a content writer, and WrittenlyHub has been an incredible support in this journey. 

The experiences I’ve had at WrittenlyHub, both professional and personal, have motivated me to be the best version of myself. As each day brings new opportunities, I look forward to refining my skills and keep WHustling for my growth and the overall growth of my company. 

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  1. I have seen the challenges you dealt with and how nicely you taken care of all challenges and evolved with the opportunity you got and cruising towards the future with constantly adding new skills n talents everyday . I wish you all the best for the upcoming new stages .

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