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From Wordsmith to Content Leader: My Success Story in the Content Industry

Life At WH

The only way you keep growing in life is not by counting mistakes but embracing “missed takes”. 

When I set out on the path of engineering, I dreamed of working as a Product Development Engineer in the Food Technology department of an FMCG. But the funny thing about life is that it has its own set of plans while you sit down and meticulously chalk out yours. 

Seven years, plenty of self-doubt, a few difficult decisions and a couple of “missed takes” later, I’m a firm believer that whatever happens, happens for a reason. 

Undergrad: My Passion Found Me

Somewhere around the third year of my Bachelor’s, I remember the YouTube algorithm exploding with videos on how Digital Marketing was the ‘next big thing.’ 

Curious as I was, I dug deeper and found a course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google. And honestly, my mind was blown after I found out how spiders crawl the web to help us with our queries. 

I, however, wasn’t the only one tapping into the trends. A few of my batchmates and seniors who were venturing into entrepreneurship approached me to help them out with their content requirements.  

I knew it was a sign. 

What began as an unexpected and humble beginning, marked the start of a path that would lead me to where I am today. 

Content Writer: Freelance to Full-Time

Writing for me meant journaling, occasionally writing poems and also writing answers when I was preparing for government services. But that was all I knew.  

I had zero formal experience as a writer. 

Working as a freelance content writer with people I knew from college gave me the opportunity to interact and learn from people of various domains. But when I realized that I needed some more hands-on learning, I started applying for the position of full-time content writer. 

I secured a remote full-time role as a content writer. And it was here that I encountered someone who would play a crucial role in my professional journey – my manager, Simran. 

My role could very easily be confined to the routine of typing out words every day and checking off my weekly task list.  

However, Simran motivated me to guide newly hired writers, be a part of interviews, interact with the SEO team and later get on client calls, all of that while I was a writer myself. 

All of this made me realize that I’m curious about learning new things. Every new topic that I wrote about was something new I learned. Yoga one day, cryptocurrency the other, real estate, healthcare, hedge funds, financial services and whatnot – every day was a new chapter of getting to learn something new. 

Soon, I thought of testing my skills and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone: settling in a new city, getting a new job, and well, signing up for a new role. 

WrittenlyHub: I Found My Tribe

I distinctly remember one of the questions that was asked to me during my interview: “Why do you want to transition from a content writer to a content manager?” My answer then remains my driving force even today – a love for learning and sharing knowledge with those around me. 

As a content manager at WrittenlyHub, I have the privilege of doing exactly that every single day. Whether it’s from colleagues or writers of my own team, there’s always an opportunity to expand my knowledge and pass it on. 

One of the best things about WrittenlyHub is that I’ve always felt heard and seen. On my best days, I have people around me who cheer me up and help me with feedback. And on less-than-stellar days, I’m lucky enough to have people who always have my back and offer the encouragement that I need to persevere. 

I believe in a team of combined effort; my role is simply to nurture and help my team realize their strengths. Their success is what brings me happiness and their growth is my biggest reward. 

The Road Ahead

As I write this, I’m on the verge of completing a remarkable year at WrittenlyHub. It has been a period of self-discovery, yet there’s so much to explore. 

In a journey of continuous learning, there are no mistakes – just “missed takes.” And they are the steppingstone, leading us closer to the next big chapter in our lives. 

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