Whustler Renna Story

From Studying Psychology to Achieving Corporate Success with WrittenlyHub

Life At WH

“Dare to pivot; sometimes, the boldest moves lead to the most fulfilling chapters.”  

In the corridors of Delhi University, my undergraduate years in psychology were a canvas waiting to be painted. Delving into the intricacies of the human mind, I found my passion for understanding and aiding the complexities that reside within. Interning at Tihar Jail and Delhi prisons for a community outreach project opened my eyes to the power of psychology in changing lives. 

After completing my undergrad in psychology, I realized that I did not want to narrow my career to being a psychologist. Instead, I decided to pursue ‘MA in Society and Culture’ from IIT Gandhinagar, a research-heavy and interdisciplinary course. There, I gained a broader perspective and valuable two years of theoretical and practical understanding of various areas of life. Little did I know that this foundation would become crucial in shaping my future endeavors. The interdisciplinary experience became the harmonious bridge that connected my love for psychology with a broader understanding of the world. 

Venturing into the complex world of business as an ‘Academic Associate’ at IIM Kozhikode for around a year, I sensed a calling for practical corporate experience. A risky pivot from my academic and research background unfolded, driven by the bold pursuit of passion. 

A brief stint as a Customer Relations Manager in a startup provided a glimpse into the intricate workings of B2C businesses. Yet, a looming dilemma cast a shadow on my path—PhD or the unpredictable journey into a new role and work setting? 

It All Began to Make Sense When I Joined WrittenlyHub

The decision to join WrittenlyHub marked a turning point. Initially eyeing a Business Development role, fate intervened. Astha Verma, the CEO at WrittenlyHub, with a keen understanding of people, recognized my potential beyond my resume. A twist of fate landed me in the role of a Customer Success Executive—a perfect meld of psychology, societal insights, and corporate prowess. 

The first few months at WrittenlyHub were filled with uncertainty. The responsibilities, the culture—it was all uncharted territory. Yet, within the vibrant and supportive team, I found my rhythm. From client communications to managing new projects, each challenge became a note in the composition of my growth. 

The initial months weren’t just about navigating the corporate landscape; they were about transforming passion into action. My love for research and academia found an unexpected canvas for expression. Creative ideas flowed, leading to tangible changes in database management, client feedback mechanisms, and workflow enhancements—all in my short tenure. 

Growing from Exploration to Confidence at WrittenlyHub

The real magic happened when the initial uncertainties transformed into a sense of belonging. Now, WrittenlyHub isn’t just a workplace for me; it has become a haven for the exploration of psychological nuances in corporate dynamics. The young and vibrant atmosphere has allowed me to experiment with my skills and creativity, shaping the company’s workflow. 

In conclusion, my journey with WrittenlyHub has been a symphony of evolution—from a psychology and society enthusiast to a confident and capable Customer Success Executive.  

As I look to the future, WrittenlyHub is not just a stepping stone; it’s an integral part of my vision. The potential for personal and professional growth, coupled with an environment that nurtures creativity, aligns perfectly with my long-term goals. 

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