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Back to Where It Began: My Story of Rejoining WrittenlyHub

Life At WH

Back in 2021, stuck in online lectures during the pandemic, I figured it was time to put my free time to good use. Earning some extra cash along the way wouldn’t hurt either! So, I started looking for internships, and that’s when I stumbled upon Writtenlyhub. With no grand plan in mind, I applied for the part-time role of an Operations Assistant. To my surprise, I was one of the first operations associates at this early-stage start-up! I got to learn from and work with some of most amazing mentors right from the get-go.  

Beyond Expectations: My Role as a Part-Time Operations Assistant

What started as a casual exploration of business operations blossomed into something far more meaningful — a year-long deep dive into project planning and management, exposure to various tools and techniques, and a huge deal of learning with a young and vibrant team.  

For me, the most exciting aspect of a young organisation is its operational processes that resemble a compelling puzzle, each piece demanding focus and finesse. During my stint as a part-time operations assistant, I collaborated with different teams, learned from many talented individuals, participated in multiple workshops, bagged the “WHustler of the Month” title twice and even found myself training new recruits. It was exhilarating, demanding and incredibly rewarding! 

A Bittersweet (But Temporary) Farewell to WrittenlyHub

Speaking of demanding, my final year at college was just that. As soon as my on-campus classes started I moved to another city and that’s when I had to say a bittersweet goodbye to WrittenlyHub, or so I thought! 

Fresh out of college, I was like any confused B. Com graduate: lost, unsure, and open to exploring different paths. My experience with operations was great, but I was eager to dip a toe into other sides of a business like sales and recruitment. So, I dabbled in these areas, but none kindled the spark I sought. Although I got to acquire different skillsets, I never quite found my flow in those roles. 

Back to Where I Belong: My Return to WrittenlyHub

I found my way back to WrittenlyHub soon after, in a full-time position. What drew me back was the unmatched work culture and energy of this place! It’s a workplace where challenges are embraced, ideas are nurtured, and every contribution is recognised and celebrated. It has been instrumental in honing my problem-solving, time management and collaboration skills. 

Currently, working as an Operations Executive, I’m actively involved in initiatives to improve workflows and systems, and contributing to the growth of both our team and clients alike. As I continue to thrive and evolve in my role, I’m excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With each day presenting new puzzles to piece together, I’m grateful to be part of a team that fosters an environment where I feel challenged, inspired, and valued. 

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