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Becoming a Writer Turned Out to be a Life-Changing Experience for Me

Life At WH

“Scaling the growth charts while learning the art of weaving dreams with words.”  

Have you ever wondered how life’s unpredictable twists lead us to unexpected destinations? I watched my life go through multiple ups and downs and yet found a way to a fulfilling profession, helping me learn and flourish at every turn.  

Here is my story unfolding into a tale of resilience, growth, and the fortunate discovery of a career that made me what I am today.  

Embarking on the Writing Odyssey

As I sit here, sipping my black coffee and gazing out the window, I can’t help but marvel at how my life reached a destination I couldn’t have guessed in my formative years. Going back in time, when I unexpectedly started my professional journey at a renowned BPO after dropping out of MCA due to my father’s untimely demise, I had no clue what I was doing for a couple of years.  

After a few years of working while preparing for professional entrance exams, I experienced a palpable void and a profound feeling of not fitting in. With the perpetual support of my family and encouragement from friends, I started to look for part-time jobs to find time for preparation while earning all I could from home.  

Fortunately, I stumbled upon a content writing job opening and thought, “I can do this until securing a permanent government job.” After all, I had always aced my English tests and loved putting my thoughts on paper. And that’s what I did. But after a few failed attempts at competitive exams and battered self-esteem, I found solace in learning and writing about new things every day.  

The idea of writing as a career? I never thought in my wildest dreams of becoming a writer. I had a penchant for reading and writing as a form of expression here and there. But establishing a career was never even a fleeting idea whenever I thought about a profession.  

But life has a habit of surprising us, doesn’t it? A few chances and mischances changed the course of my journey, and now I am navigating this exhilarating path to becoming a wordsmith. And let me tell you, it has been an unprecedented professional journey, helping me overcome a state of uncertainty.  

After a few months of hustle, I began my journey as a freelance content writer and kept looking for better opportunities. During this exploration, I worked with different clients and companies. And as fate would have it, I sailed through interviews and joined WrittenlyHub. 

Working as a Full-time Content Writer at WrittenlyHub

My journey at WrittenlyHub as a content writer has been nothing short of a thrilling learning experience. Initially having joined as an intern, I have witnessed myself grow, hustling toward success.  

From the get-go, I received immense warmth and learnt the true meaning of camaraderie at workplace. I couldn’t have imagined an office setting more supportive and filled with enthusiasm.  

As a content writer at WrittenlyHub, I’ve worked with diverse clients and delivered content catering to their unique requirements. Working here has helped me expand my horizons and hone my writing prowess across both sides of the spectrum – technical and creative writing.  

My story would be incomplete without mentioning the support and constructive feedback I received from the managers. As feedback became my compass, I steered towards becoming a better writer. Oh, and let’s not forget the art of juggling multiple projects with deadlines – time management was my newfound skill, and I am honing it daily. 

Why I Love Working at WrittenlyHub

Now, let’s talk about the heart and soul of WrittenlyHub – its vibe. Imagine a symphony of professionalism and harmony among people where we meet deadlines without sacrificing laughter. Team synergy isn’t just a buzzword here; the WH vibe makes even my mundane work-from-home space come alive.  

As for my colleagues, they’re not just co-workers but dream fellow writers. We bounce ideas, exchange giggles, and create a haven where we help each other and explore our creative bests.  

As I pause to reflect on my journey working as a WHustler, gratitude fills my heart. WrittenlyHub has not just helped refine my writing but has also played a role in carving me into a better version of myself.  

Here’s to writing, hustling, and embracing the journey – one word at a time. Keep those ideas flowing, fellow writers, and remember, your story is waiting to be penned. 

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