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From Content Novice to Word Ninja: Finding My Fit in The Content Industry

Life At WH

“Mastering new niches, one blog at a time” 

Content and writing are two intertwining but separate worlds, and this is a journey of understanding that.  

Like many other writers, my story also starts with some inquisitiveness for reading. With my nose buried deep in all the Oxford literature books my school had to offer, I grew an inclination towards reading that continues to this day. And then, I was a teenager. That came with a lot of emotions and a journey to find a million ways to express them.  

Writing was something that resonated with me, and I continued doing that. With a growing interest in the field, I took up further education in English Literature and started exploring all the intertwined subjects my university had to offer. At this point, communication and linguistics stood out to me and I started working in the communications department of a shipping agency alongside my education. 

Soon the pandemic hit, and everything was on a halt. This was an opportunity in disguise for me to explore the content field. 

Learning the Basics and Entering the Content Industry 

Hailing from a literature background, the only weapon I had in my arsenal before joining WrittenlyHub was research and academic writing. After I started to develop an interest in the content industry and explored it on my own, I understood the big difference between writing as a literature student and writing as a content creator.  

Yes, it was content writing, but it was a whole new world full of business insights, rankings and persuasion. Moving one step away from long-winded sentences, I started understanding how my knowledge could fit into this challenging and exciting new world.  

Joining the WHustle: My Foundation as a Content Writer 

After applying to several places, I found my place at WrittenlyHub. This was the foundation I needed to ease into the content writing industry and I was beyond excited to start my content writing journey. 

My earliest memory of working in the company is the support and space I got to evolve as an individualistic writer. Many of the tasks I worked on in the early days at WrittenlyHub helped me understand the content industry while retaining my creative writing.  

There were a couple of ups and downs, as are for any new employee, but my teammates and managers were incredibly supportive throughout. 

Having such a fantastic team behind me, I transitioned to becoming a Junior Content Writer within 2 months of joining. I got a chance to explore several writing niches across various industries which challenged me to shift perspectives and upskill myself. 

How WrittenlyHub Has Positively Challenged Me

WrittenlyHub is a communication-first workplace that encourages me to engage and learn in a safe and constructive environment. Curiosity and fresh ideas are always on the table with a dash of fun. 

One of the things I absolutely love about the place is the eye they have for their associates’ skills. I am always challenged to work on new projects that are outside my comfort zone. One such example is being a Work Buddy in the company.  

The position entails helping my fellow writers understand their assignments better and resolving their small to big task-related queries. 

This position has helped me learn how to handle tricky queries and given me a more nuanced understanding of the work I do. Moreover, I truly appreciate the time and effort the managers and admins put into guiding me through this role. Our scheduled connects offer a way for me to learn more about myself and the content industry simultaneously. 

A Peek into the Future

Looking back, I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunities I have had and the growth I have experienced as a WHustler. I am excited to continue my journey as a content writer and grow with this amazing company that feels like home. At this stage, I am eager to explore new horizons, help my fellow writers and support businesses in telling their stories in a way that matters. I aim to make it as joyful and safe a journey for everyone joining in, as this company has been for me. 

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