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Witness a Journey of Transformative Growth: From Freelancing to Team Management

Life At WH

Do what you feel is right, the rest can always be figured out anyway!”  

 If I said I knew writing was my cup of tea since the beginning, I would be lying. It was only 5 years back that I learned about the career opportunities blooming in the content industry. I also learned that there was a knack for writing within me which I was yet to explore. 

Laying the Foundation with Freelancing

Three years of working as a freelance content writer laid the foundation of my career in the content industry. From exploring my creative side through writing to learning the discipline of meeting client expectations, content writing taught me all of it. A few internships I did along the way honed my skills further. 

There was a point in my freelancing career when I realized the need for a small team of writers for myself. Soon enough, I started networking with other freelance content writers, assessed their work and made them a part of my small team.  

A few months later it hit me – I was not just writing, I was managing a team of writers. 

This is when the idea of exploring new avenues came to my mind. I started looking for opportunities that would help me explore, learn, and grow. And that’s when I took the chance to apply at WrittenlyHub

Stepping into the Managerial Role

I was hired as a Content Manager here. Though I was confident with what I was getting into, the rush hit when I was in my workspace at WrittenlyHub. After all, I was a freelance writer working with a small team of freelancers all this while. This was an actual solid step toward team management. 

 I remember my first day – everyone thought I would be a taciturn associate and my manager had to get me a glass of water because I was so nervous. However, it only took me two days to get comfortable and rolling. Within no time, I was getting on calls with different departments, giving feedback to writers, and ensuring efficient workflow processes in the team. 

Polishing Skills Along the Way

Working at WrittenlyHub made me realize what I was capable of. From decision-making to helping my teammates, this place has polished my professional skills. Over time, I learned that I love writing, but what I enjoy the most is helping others capitalize on their strengths. 

My journey began slow and steady but today, I guide a team of fantastic content writers, helping them navigate through all the challenges and perform better each day.  

 What’s more, is that WrittenlyHub has given me the opportunity to not only manage teams but also expand into new avenues of Content Marketing. 

Today, one of my biggest learnings is that managing a team is not just helping everyone around you grow – it’s also about growing with them. And how does growth come? It comes to you only when you take on new challenges, face your fears, and navigate your way through all of them. 

With my amazing team at WrittenlyHub, I have overcome numerous challenges and I’m ready to overcome more! 

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  1. This was incredibly beautiful! As a newbie launching into content writing myself, I couldn’t be luckier than to stumble on this as the first thing after completing my Linkedin profile. Thank you for the valuable insights and for sharing your journey.

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