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My Career Road All the Way from IT to Content Writing

Life At WH

“Putting a bit of “me” in every content I create to make it stand apart.” 

I had always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember but never dared to pursue my dreams. Now, when I see “Senior Content Writer” beside my name, I still can’t believe it sometimes. Because I never thought I’d get this far.  

I guess taking the road less travelled made all the difference!  

Let me back up a little and explain how my writing journey started.  

A Part of Me Always Wished to Make a Living Crafting Words

I developed my passion for literature from an early age, as most of my family members are bookworms. Reading avidly in English and Bengali – my mother tongue – I aspired to become an author. But as I grew up, peer pressure got the best of me, and the dream faded away.  

Hailing from a family of successful engineers and doctors, I decided to study Computer Science to build a bright future. However, throughout my college days, I felt the subject didn’t resonate with my soul. I wanted a way out and was extremely confused. 

Then, life took a drastic turn – my father passed away during the final year of my Master’s degree. The event shattered my reality, and my life fell apart. But I also got time to reflect on what I wanted to do in life.  

After months of thinking, I decided to leave my lucrative IT domain and pursue my passion for writing. I started working as an Academic Content Writer at a local agency and dipped my toes into the world of professional content creation, and loved every moment of it.  

I moved on to work with a digital marketing agency as a Content Writer, where I understood the fundamentals of crafting digital content. As I crafted content for various well-known brands, I developed my writing skills and gained confidence.  

Things were going smoothly until the lockdown occurred, and I was laid off from my company. I started looking for remote content writing positions. I wanted a place to sharpen my skills and work with individuals who were experts in their craft.  

Joining WrittenlyHub as a Content Writer

After several job applications, interviews, rejections and re-applications, I came across WrittenlyHub. Soon, I found myself working here as a Part-Time Content Writer. I loved the work culture and received ample support to settle in comfortably.  

I initially had some ups and downs, but my teammates and managers guided me constantly. I received the necessary resources and feedback to elevate my writing skills. Soon, I transitioned into a full-time Junior Content Writer and eventually into a Senior Content Writer.  

I can’t believe it has already been over 2.5 years at WrittenlyHub! All this time, I have felt that WH is not just a company but a content writing institute where you transform into a seasoned professional writer.  

I am so happy to say that in addition to my content writing responsibilities, I have now also taken up the role of a Content Coach where I help my fellow writers refine their craft.  

How WrittenlyHub Shaped Me as a Professional

WrittenlyHub exposed me to different content niches – technology, healthcare, finance, and so much more! I sharpened my content and copywriting skills by working on several projects. 

Most importantly, these endeavours boosted my self-belief, and I felt more confident about my work. I gathered valuable insights interacting with people from different backgrounds. I learned about the content marketing industry and how to build a career here. 

Even though I work remotely, I have never felt disconnected. There is always someone to hear me out and help me.  

My Biggest Learnings at WrittenlyHub

I am so lucky to have worked with so many talented people in the last couple of years and learned important lessons –  

  • Communicating problems promptly  
  • Teamwork and helping teammates in need   
  • Spreading knowledge to guide others 
  • Respecting everyone’s professional boundaries 
  • Understanding client requirements, instructions and final content delivery 
  • Time management to meet deadlines while maintaining content quality  

Moreover, I have learned to never give up on my dreams and keep working hard. With many inspirational colleagues, I am never short on motivation.  

Looking Ahead

I aim to keep refining my skills and guiding others to be the best version of their professional selves. I am confident WrittenlyHub will provide me with the perfect platform to showcase my talents and experiment with different initiatives.  

I want to keep pushing past my limits and enhancing myself as a professional along the way. With my teammates by my side, I feel I’ll overcome every obstacle. I know that people at WrittenlyHub will always appreciate my work and make me feel valuable.  

To anyone reading this – never back down and keep hustling until you achieve your dreams! 

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