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From a Student Teacher to a Content Writer!

Life At WH

Writing to me is like journey of self-discovery.” 

As I was completing my Master’s in English a few years ago, I got to thinking about what I want to do next. I was completely clueless! So, I asked around. Every person I spoke to, from friends to family, advised me to go into teaching due to my English skills. The suggestion made sense to me – I liked the prospect of being a teacher, and it is obviously a great career path. So, I signed up to study B.Ed. at Amity University and become a trained and certified teacher.  

My Stint as a Student Teacher

Though I did like being a student teacher, I always felt something was amiss. What I enjoyed more than teaching was coming up with creative ideas and methods. I loved working on worksheets, activities, stories, and other teaching tools. And as the internship came to an end, I realized that perhaps I am better suited to work in a field that focuses on developing curriculum or educational content for students.  

However, before I could explore more opportunities, the COVID–19 pandemic threw all my plans out the window. 

Completing my B.Ed., I was left wondering what I should do next again. Teaching was something I was not ready to delve into, and everything else was blurry.  

A Plot Twist that Changed My Life

Sometimes, opportunity knocks on your door. Well, that’s what precisely happened to me. I remember my friend sending me a message one day about a content writing internship, asking if I would be interested. And I thought, why not?  

So, I started my internship working on blog content for a startup called Plot Twists, which ironically turned out to be a plot twist of my life as well. From that moment, there was no turning back. I took up several internships in content writing and slowly discovered that this is the field I would like to explore and carve a successful career in.  

The Start of My Journey in WrittenlyHub

Working in the content writing industry for the past three years, I firmly believe that joining WrittenlyHub was the best thing for my career. I remember applying twice for the role of content writer in the company, and it was the second time everything fell into place, and I secured the job.   

From the moment I joined the company, it’s been a positive, happy, and exciting place to work. Everyone is super supportive and sweet. I can ask anyone a question, and they’ll keenly answer. I work with an excellent team of writers and managers who are always ready to lend a helping hand. What I love most is the variety of projects I work on and the exposure to different industries.  

Beyond the day-to-day work, one of the most gratifying parts of being a WHustler is the opportunity to learn and advance my skills. I have been here for only a year and have gained two certifications, all supported by the company. The best part? I can gain new knowledge and skills not just to be a better content writer but also to grow personally and professionally. WrittenlyHub is supportive in helping me grow, not just for what I can offer as a writer but for who I am as a person.  

As I visualise my future at the company, I know several opportunities await me, and I look forward to them!  

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