From College Grad to Customer Success Manager: WHustler Aastha’s Journey

Life At WH

“Nothing changes if nothing changes. So make sure you’re a part of that change. ” 

I truly believe that every experience we have shapes us into the person we are. But little did I know that every decision we make has the same effect, till I joined WrittenlyHub.  

The Dilemma of Career Choices After Graduation

Just out of college, a mere English grad, not knowing what to pursue further, I started taking up random internships, to see what fits me best.  

Coming from an arts background, I had great people skills and decided to try my hands in Human Resources, and soon realized that this is my calling after college!  After a good year of experience in the same field, I started applying to jobs that offered me ample learning opportunities, something different from the regular 9-5 jobs that we have.  

Found My Breakthrough with WrittenlyHub

That’s when I stumbled upon WrittenlyHub, which was breaking all the corporate norms there were in 2021. But the catch was, that I was hired for the position of a Customer Success Associate, something I had never heard of before.  

The management told me that they saw something in me that would make me perfect for this role, even better than the HR role. I was taken aback, knowing they trusted a stranger and believed in my skills more than anything. In a world where a piece of paper defines who you will be as an employee, this change was refreshing to see. If that isn’t the idea behind great management, then what is?  

I took up the role as a learning opportunity and got started with the team, the clients, and everything that came in between. Soon I realized that the HR department taking care of its employees internally is pretty much the same way the CS department caters to the company’s clients. I was getting exposure to the same substance, in two different situations- inside the team and outside, which is one of the best things to have ever happened to me.  

My Rise to the Customer Success Manager Role

Two weeks down, I received my first WHustler of the Month award, a recognition that celebrates hard-working associates pushing boundaries with their hustle. I think something shifted in me that day – it made me realize that I can make it work if I put my mind and soul into it. And with the help of my colleagues, I did.  

Two years down the line, I’m now the Customer Success Manager, with a client portfolio of around 60+ clients, having trained multiple associates joining my team, participating in the content side of things, while also exploring the Business Development aspects.  

In short, life often takes the most challenging of turns, and sometimes it’s worth it.  

My Personal Transformation Journey with WrittenlyHub

Having the habit of overthinking and overanalyzing things, I’m proud to say that I have gotten rid of this habit and started being a lot more confident in myself.  

As an associate, I learned how to deal with clients on a day-to-day basis and how mutual respect is important in any client-service relationship. The team taught me how to analyze data for client retention and also build strategies for the same.  

Together with my team, I accomplished several milestones like developing a very detailed Customer Relations workflow starting from client onboarding to service delivery as well as a rigorous feedback system to maintain high-quality content and service delivery.  

Time management and Communication are two major skills I’ve learned at WrittenlyHub.  

Multi-tasking is super important in any role, but more so in a role like Customer Success. This is where the time management skills come to the rescue.  

Additionally, no two clients are the same, and here’s where your communication skills help you work with them.  

These are things I will carry with me forever, and I’m grateful for them! 

What I Love the Best About Working at WrittenlyHub

The best thing about working in WrittenlyHub is that you don’t just get to stick to one role – you have a chance to work and contribute in as many roles and projects as you want. I took this opportunity and learned about content marketing, how it helps our clients, and its different types, and even went on to learn about business aspects like invoicing. All in all, it has been a great learning journey at WrittenlyHub, and I’m glad to say that it hasn’t stopped yet!  

When I think back to the start of my journey back in 2021, the 20-year-old Aastha wouldn’t have believed it if I had told her that she made it. That she took her chance, took everything she had in what she called her ‘faith’ and joined WrittenlyHub. It has truly kickstarted my career and I’m confident enough to handle everything that life throws my way now! 

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