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How to Write a Post on Quora – Learn All the Tips and Tricks!


Brand building and B2B marketing have become more challenging than ever. Want to know why? Most target audiences are looking for solutions from brands. However, not every brand is offering the same.

Since Quora is an excellent platform to answer the questions raised by the public, it is essential to leverage this knowledge-sharing platform. So, it’s important to learn how to write a post on Quora.

Additionally, the successful accounts on Quora are fuelled by the power of community. This could be your chance to shift the limelight to your brand by answering queries and forming a closely-knit community. Grab this chance by understanding effortless ways to craft a Quora answer in this blog.

Why is Quora an Effective Platform for Content Marketing?

Before uncovering the layers of a perfect Quora answer, exploring the platform’s advantages is essential. It is a dedicated platform for people to engage in writing social media posts in the form of questions and answers. During this process, an author builds a space for themselves that consists of like-minded people interested in their content.

Quora is a platform for people to discover new ideas, get reliable information on products or industries, and resolve queries. Are you still unsure of how this platform is great for marketing? Let’s uncover the facts for you below:

  • Quora has 300 million users every month  
  • You can get high-quality traffic to your website
  • Build your niche by picking over 300,000 topics
  • Give direct answers to anyone associated with your niche or industry
  • Repost reliable content from any other website to curate a well-researched answer

Believe it or not, the knowledge people share on Quora is evergreen. Unlike other social media or community-based platforms, Quora will never be about trends that fade away with time.

Now that you are convinced let us explore the ways to get the best out of Quora writing in the following section.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Make the Best Out of Quora Writing

Writing on Quora is not limited to writing answers. You need to craft your profile effectively to engage audiences from the niche. Here’s how to do it:

  • Profile Optimisation: Imagine someone liking your answer only to find nothing on your profile. It would be a major turn-off for your audience. Hence, you must optimise your profile by adding a headline, choosing relevant topics, and writing a compelling description.
  • Build Your Niche: The most straightforward way to build your niche is by following the related topics. You can connect with Quora spaces and authors in your niche. Additionally, it is important to know what people are asking about the topics.
  • Competitor Analysis: Exploring the answers written by your competitors will give you an idea of the type of questions to pick. Moreover, you can analyse the tone, length, hooks, and CTAs in the answer.

Now that your profile is set, it is time to create a strategy for your profile. This strategy should be based on the purpose of your Quora writing.

Purpose of Quora Writing

Here are a few categories you can choose to get started. These include:

  • Marketing: If you are a product or service provider, it is important to talk about your product while writing the answers on Quora. Furthermore, you can add questions about your product or service and let others answer them. This is also a healthy practice to get feedback and execute the changes.
  • Coaching: Writing on Quora is primarily associated with educating people on several topics. Hence, you can pick a topic and showcase your expertise by answering the questions and posting relatable content.
  • Customer Service: Offering a product is one thing, and solving the internal issues raised by customers is another. Quora will help you identify people who are facing issues with your products. Hence, you can answer their questions to resolve them. This could also become a space to build exclusive FAQs about your product.

Are you excited to start your Quora journey? Head on to the following section to explore how to write a post on Quora!

6 Hacks to Write a Compelling Post on Quora

There is no way you can grow on Quora without providing high-quality answers. Thus, your primary goal should be to write the best answers instead of getting maximum views.

Here is a small guideline you can follow before you start writing on Quora:

  • Do your research to formulate a factually correct answer
  • Disagree respectfully if you know you are going to talk against the trend
  • Structure your answer in an easy-to-read format and try to include images
  • Try to be quick in answering a question on a trending topic to attract the initial crowd
  • Include engaging parts in long answers by adding personal stories, successes and mishaps, and interesting hypotheses

Now that you are well-versed in the basic guidelines, here are some hacks to improve the quality of Quora writing.

Bite-sized facts

Not every reader has the time to read long introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Thus, you need to highlight the facts you wish to present quickly. Even though you don’t want to start abruptly, make sure you create bite-sized paragraphs.

Build trust among the audience

Why should a random reader trust your answer? Ask this question before writing on Quora. The hack is to talk about your credentials, experiences, background, and success story. As a result, you will see measurable engagement growth on your profile.

Leave a mark

In addition to writing effective answers, you must bring the reader back to your profile. Thus, mentioning your areas of expertise will compel them to follow you for more content.

Strategise your CTA

Avoid adding obvious and promotional CTAs that reduce the quality of your answers. The more strategically you plan your CTAs, the better it is for you in the long run.

Check other answers too

Even though replicating an answer is not a good idea, you could take other Quora answers as a reference to include the facts they might have missed. But remember, being authentic is the key to writing a good Quora answer.

Estimate the length of the answer

Curate short and simple answers as and when needed. If the question is straightforward, you do not have to waste your efforts curating long answers. Write long answers only when the question demands more in-depth information.

Wrapping Up

Quora actively receives questions belonging to different niches and industries. Thus, it is a great platform to trust for building an active community. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for an answer, and Quora is the go-to platform to deliver them. Now that you know how to write a post on Quora, kickstart your Quora marketing with empowered confidence.

People Also Ask

While it is fair to include external links in the answer, doing so repetitively could be a red flag for the algorithm. You need to maintain a healthy ratio between educational and promotional content. As long as you are not being pushy about your products and offerings, it is fair as per the community guidelines.

Can you make money by writing on Quora?

Yes. Quora allows you to monetise your content if you have a dedicated Quora Space for a certain topic. Additionally, Quora Plus is a recent introduction that consists of paid members. If a member from Quora+ reads or engages with your post, you get paid for it.

How to choose the right questions to answer?

A simple technique to choose the right question includes:

  • Choose questions with more than 10 followers
  • Opt for a recent question
  • Writing an answer related to a product or service helps get started

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