Instagram SEO hacks to boost visibility and expand your network

7 Instagram SEO Hacks to Boost Visibility and Expand Your Network

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Imagine having to drive sales on Instagram without understanding how to navigate through the platform.

Instagram is the queen of social media where over 1 billion people spend hours scrolling through their feeds—a place where you can find the right content by just typing in the keyword. All thanks to Instagram SEO!

This buzzing social media platform can single-handedly boost your brand’s visibility and your network.

Yes, Instagram has its own search engine optimization algorithm—and this blog will give you a nuts-and-bolts analysis about it! Read on, implement, and see your business skyrocket.

Does Instagram SEO Really Help Boost Results?

Instagram offers wide-ranging use cases for different kinds of users. Influencers use it for promotion, travel bloggers use it to document their life, and businesses use it to boost traffic.

You can’t simply put hashtags on your bio and improve your rank. Placing keywords in your profile name or the handle can also help in increasing discoverability.

There are many such Instagram SEO hacks that you might not be fully aware of. So, we’ve curated this blog to make life easy and help you create a bulletproof IG strategy.

Instagram for Business: Why Should You Do it?

As a business owner, an Instagram account is nothing short of a must-have. Here’s why:

  • Enhance customer interaction and engagement: You can learn what your buyers like by analyzing their content. To create a buyer persona, you can look at their location, lifestyle, values, and preferences.
  • Drive targeted website traffic: Use Instagram ads or add website links on your profile to gain more traffic. With a simple promotional technique, you can turn your followers into prospects and website visitors.
  • Reach new audiences: Instagram is a versatile platform where you can use the advantages of hashtags and target the right audience. It also enables you to expand your “fanbase” as your profile comes on top with the right Instagram SEO.
  • Launch the best advertising campaigns: You can use Instagram ads to target the proper core, custom, and lookalike audiences. In turn, it will boost the discoverability of your profile and brand.
  • Collaborate with influencers: Instagram is a sales booster if you choose to bring in famous Instagram personalities. They will tag your brand while promoting it and giving you better reach.

Some Instagram SEO Statistics to Prove Our Point

We have listed some of the proven statistics that ensure Instagram can reap massive ROI for your business.

  • Instagram has one billion “active” users – That’s one billion potential reaches with the perfect white-hat Instagram SEO techniques.
  • Users spend 53 minutes on Instagram every day – You can increase your prospect acquisition chances while increasing visibility.
  • Millennials and Gen-Z dominate Instagram – It means that you can target a young user base who have the most buying potential.
  • 83% of Instagram users try to find products or services on the platform – It can effectively assist you in targeting the perfect audience.
  • There are over 200 million Instagram business profiles – The competition may be high, but you have a big chance to stand out amongst the one billion users.

Want to figure out the best Instagram Optimization techniques? Read on!

Top 7 Hacks for Acing Instagram SEO

Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app anymore. It has the potential to skyrocket your business and boost client acquisition effortlessly.

So, learn these seven tried-and-tested Instagram SEO techniques and get ready to maximize your ROI. Let’s dive into it.

Profile search optimization: your way to the top

Even though Instagram’s search function works the same way as Google, it differs in multiple aspects. Instagram can deliver relevant content based on the search terms you provide. However, the results will be influenced by the accounts you are connected to.

Your liking preference will also determine the relevance of your search. Even then, keywords play a significant role in influencing the search results.

So, you should optimize your profile based on keywords, hashtags, and even location.

When we search for something on Instagram, we always put in primary keywords. Hence, incorporating it in your name, username and bio will help you show up on relevant searches.

See to Believe

  • Name and Username

If someone is searching for “cake” in your area, they can find you on top because of your username or name embedded with the same keyword.

If the username is already occupied, you can put the keyword in your profile name.

For example, if your business name is “Truly Madly Desserts” then, you can add “A Cake Boutique” in the handle name for better results. At the same time, you can add an intriguing bio filled with primary and secondary keywords.

  • Bio

You can also incorporate keywords in your bio and see yourself rank better. This space is specially designed for you to describe your brand with relevant keywords. You can also add a clickable website link and your location in the bio.

Write winning captions: be descriptive, but discreet

When it comes to writing captions for your IG posts, keywords are your secret weapon.

Every Instagram post is searchable based on the location and hashtags you use. Besides, you also get content recommendations based on your interactions on Instagram.  

For example, if you like food-related pictures, your Explore page will display that content. This is where the caption magic happens.

The algorithm has an embedded framework that helps in identifying the topical similarity. It uses word representation to offer context to your search. Your account will get identified as relevant based on the bios, usernames, and captions you write.

Descriptive captions should have keywords and explain the image thoroughly.

Based on the relevant keywords you use, the algorithm will enhance your profile discoverability to the right audience. Therefore, you can reach people who have an interest in your brand.

How to do it right?

To create a strong Instagram caption and drive more traffic, you need to have a great hook. A great hook works best with a CTA or questions that offer value to the readers. You can also use storytelling techniques and emojis to improve engagement.

Hashtags = Instagram keywords: use them wisely

If you want to use relevant and targeted keywords on Instagram, convert them into hashtags. You can look for a trending hashtag list for the day while posting something.

People can search relevant content by looking for the hashtag version of their keyword. It’s fast and can boost your discoverability. The image gets tagged with the keyword when your post includes all the necessary and relevant hashtags.

You should look into the post timing, the relevant trendy tags for that time for better content discoverability.


Hashtags can attract the right audience. However, overloading the caption space with hashtags is black-hat Instagram SEO and you should steer clear of this.

Ideally, you have the freedom to use 30 hashtags, but we would suggest using 10 to 15 hashtags first. It’ll keep a good tag density for every post on your profile. In addition, you need to make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to your post.

For example, if you post a simple cake picture, you cannot put “#WeddingCake” as it will be wrong. Instead, you can use “DeliciousCake” as your hashtag.

Perfect your alt text: a small Instagram secret

Customizing the alt text is a new-age solution to your Instagram SEO woes on Instagram. With this, you can offer the algorithm a detailed description and an SEO-enriched post. In turn, it can boost your discoverability and ranking.

It helps you in vividly describing the picture with added keywords in detail. From there, the app will read out the image description for visually impaired individuals.

Now, it has become a secret tool for marketers. You can use more keywords and “hack” the algorithm. It also helps Instagram understand what the image contains. You have to write descriptive content relevant to the image and your audience.

Instagram automatically generates an alt text, but you can customize it as you please.

Steps to the hidden Instagram SEO feature

On the image posting page, you have to scroll down to the “Advanced Settings” option. Instagram will redirect you to a page where you will find the option “Write Alt Text.”

Now, you have to write an accurate description of the image and implement relevant keywords. Once you’re done, tap on the “Save” option and share the post.

Tag you’re it: win more tags for yourself

Tags will help with the discoverability of your Instagram page. How? Getting featured on stories/posts of other Instagram profiles will do the trick.

The viewers will click on your profile and visit it when someone tags your posts or profile. Therefore, when you have intrigued the audience, they will surely follow you. For example, if you get tagged by a local celebrity, the audience reach will be more extensive, and you will gain more followers.

In 2020, there was an actual trend of sharing Instagram content on stories to offer support.

Instagram tags and shares are like a chain reaction that can bring you a vast audience. People who follow the other profile will click on yours and effectively discover your brand.

An inspiration for you

You can even tell your audience to tag you on photos of them using your products. In turn, you can feature them in your profile.

Reposting their images will showcase appreciation which encourages a better client relationship. Or, you can start a giveaway contest that encourages people to participate and tag you.

All of this will enhance your brand and your network by showcasing your products or services in the community.

You can use Instagram stories for this activity to keep your feed aesthetic.

Don’t use black hat SEO on Instagram

You should never be tempted with quick fixes for discoverability when it comes to social media. You may get a better reach, but that is not authentic views.

Remember, you can never “buy” views, followers, or customers.

Gaining views can be a long-drawn-out process, and you will need patience. However, there are quick fixes that can tempt you. These tactics are temporary, can harm your performance, and even get you banned.

What is Black-Hat SEO on Instagram?

Black-Hat Instagram SEO tactics include repeated suspicious activities to gain better network and content views. It consists of the use of:

  • Fake likes from bot accounts, and
  • Bot or fake followers

You can get help from any social media content planning company before going to such adverse methods. For content related to your social media marketing tactics, you can contact WrittenlyHub. We’ll help you grow your business and enhance your views on Instagram.

Track your Instagram progress: measure and modify

Once you have started posting content using our suggested techniques, you need to track your post reach. It provides you with insights and your optimization efforts.

In a way, this initiative is like tracking your success. You need to ask yourself the following questions after making Instagram SEO changes to your profile:

  • Was it worth it?
  • Do they impact your visibility?
  • Has it made a more significant impact?
  • How to make a better impact?

Tracking the performance will give you answers and an idea about all these questions.

Use the right tools

Every Instagram business account will have a comprehensive analytics section under the “Insights” option on each post.

This tool will help you measure the account performance and understand the impression and reach in detail. It will also show you how you managed to attract viewers – whether through your homepage, profile, or hashtags.

Instagram SEO Hacks at Work – Here are the Proven Examples

Numerous profiles have successfully utilized the right SEO hacks and expanded their visibility. You can look at these examples and enhance the network accordingly.

Here are three of the best Instagram profiles.

Later Media

Later Media has done everything right in their bio, username, and profile name. They have the website link embedded in the description. Moreover, the handle name has the perfect primary keyword.

It does not compromise on white-hat SEO, and their feed is aesthetic.

We like their description/bio is crisp, but it has keywords to rank better on the platform.

Keto Diet Lab

Keto Diet Lab has used all the right hashtags and bagged more than a thousand likes. They have tagged the photographer and given a simple caption for the photo. A total of 20 hashtag keywords resonate with the picture.

We loved their use of hashtags and high-quality imaging to target the right audience.


The caption on this Instagram post from SOKO Glam has a good description. It offers a problem, creates a story, and gives you the solution.

The post also gives you a coupon. And the hashtags they used are relevant to the image. So, they have a better ability to rank higher and reach the audience.

Soko glam Profile
Image Source

We admire how SOKO Glam created a hook, a problem, a story, and a solution in 100 words or so.

The End is Only the Beginning

This is how you can defeat Instagram SEO worries. All you have to do is understand the workings of the algorithm and build a tactic around it. We have mentioned the best Instagram SEO hacks to boost your visibility and expand your network. All you have to do is use keywords, hashtags, and white-hat SEO techniques.

Instagram marketing should have a well-articulated, systematic and processed approach. Hence, hitting the right keywords to boost the SEO is crucial. You can harness boosting techniques to gain good traction on your followers and views. This way, you can ace your Instagram game in no time. If you want help with the content, feel free to reach out to WrittenlyHub anytime. Let us know in the comment sections about your Instagram adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to do SEO for Instagram?

SEO for Instagram is about optimizing your profile for discovery. Use relevant keywords in your bio, hashtags on posts, and descriptive captions. Also, geo-tag your photos and use alt text on images. Consistent content that resonates with your audience enhances visibility and engagement.

2. How does Instagram SEO work?

Instagram SEO leverages the platform’s search function to boost your content’s findability. It considers factors like the relevance of your hashtags, keywords in your bio and captions, and user engagement to determine how your content ranks in search results, Explore pages, and suggested content feeds.

3. How to choose keywords for Instagram SEO?

Choose keywords that match your brand and what users might search for. Research trending hashtags, analyze competitors, and understand your audience’s language. Integrate these keywords naturally in your captions, bio, and hashtag sets to stay discoverable.

4. Is Instagram hard to grow?

Growing on Instagram can be challenging due to competition and changing algorithms. Authentic content, active engagement with followers, and strategic use of hashtags are key. Consistency and staying true to your brand’s voice also help in building a loyal following.

5. How to speed up Instagram growth?

Boost growth by leveraging Instagram stories and reels, engaging with similar accounts, and using relevant hashtags. Collaborate with influencers and participate in trending challenges. Paid promotions also offer a significant increase in visibility to a targeted audience.

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