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Ready to Go All-immersive With Instagram Full Screen?

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Instagram, the ever-popular social media platform, is shifting its focus to full-screen videos. According to their official source, the team is working to bring videos more ‘front and center’ on the platform.

We’re moving Instagram to a place where the video is a bigger part of the home experience, where content is more immersive,” said Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, on his Twitter account.

The Focus is On Creating a Highly Immersive Experience

Over the years, you would have enjoyed watching full-screen TikTok videos. With Reels, Instagram is trying to captivate our attention to a greater extent.

As of today, users spend 20% of their time on Instagram Reels. Hence, the focus is clearly on enhancing the visual experience. So, what can you expect from this new feature? Here are the crucial points:

  • Full-screen feed
  • The posts display in a 9:16 aspect ratio
  • Vertical videos on the feed will play full screen
  • Sound-on option after tap

You can still access the bottom navigation bar to choose shopping, reels, and discovery tabs. Overall, Instagram is focusing on younger users with the full-screen video feature.

Instagram Full Screen Can Benefit Creators

The vast majority of Instagram users belong to the 25 – 34 years group. This segment accounts for a staggering 31.7% of global users.

Targeting this young population can become easier with full-screen posts for content creators. In addition, images and videos will feature in bigger resolutions. The move is aimed at empowering creators to generate immersive content.

We are starting to experiment with this week, which is a test where photos and videos take up more of your screen. We know the future of video and the future of photos are mobile first. They are 9×16. They are immersive,” says Mosseri.

In terms of competing or potentially replacing TikTok, Meta is not alone. Google introduced YouTube Shorts, an alluring video-sharing platform. This emphasis on short-form video content is a trending way to connect with a new audience.

73% of marketers are using Livestream videos for their promotional tactics. Hence, Meta’s decision to implement Instagram full screen isn’t that surprising.

What More Does Instagram Full Screen Home Feed Have in Store?

The full-screen vertical feeds can open new avenues for marketers to format visually appealing videos. A larger aspect ratio has the potential to intrigue audiences.

However, the results will be interesting to analyze. Until then, here’s what a full-screen feed can offer more to creators:

  • Content recommendation to a new audience
  • High priority to original content and creator ranking

The platform is also testing templates to enhance the impact of Instagram Reels. You can use templates from other videos to augment the reels on your account.

Overall, you can explore this full-screen feed as part of the Instagram test. So, are you excited about checking out the full-screen videos on your feed? Let us know in the comment section.

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