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Interactive Content Marketing: The Secret to Increasing Your Engagement


High-quality and actionable content does an excellent job of intriguing the audience. But offering them interactive content takes things to the next level!

That’s what interactive content marketing brings to the table – content the audience can actively engage with. Interesting quizzes, online games, and opinion polls are ideal examples. This way, you can effectively engage your audience and set your brand apart.  

Almost 53% of marketers aim to create more interactive content in 2023. So, if you’re looking for tips to implement a similar strategy, this post is for you.

Let’s dive deep into interactive content marketing and learn how to enhance your engagement!

What Is Interactive Content Marketing?


In interactive content marketing, you create content that boosts the target audience’s participation. Unlike static content like blog posts, readers can perform some activity here while accessing the content.

For instance, you send a feedback form after the customer has purchased your product. The form will contain a few questions with multiple-choice answers. Your customer has to answer them to complete the survey.

This content marketing technique improves email engagement rates and keeps the audience interested. You automatically stand out from the crowd by creating a unique experience.

That’s why 88% of marketers consider interactive content effective in surpassing their competitors.  

The Proven Advantages of an Interactive Content Strategy

Interactive content marketing infographic

When your audience interacts with your content, you get valuable insights into their behaviour and preferences. The clicks and reactions can help enhance existing marketing strategies, as it helps know your audience.

Better User Data Collection

Interactive content types like quizzes ask users to enter their personal information. They have to type in their email address and full name to begin.

As the user receives interesting content to engage with, they’re likely to enter their data willingly. Sometimes, the quiz or poll results are sent to these email addresses. This technique fetches your information to analyze and expand your email lists.

Later on, you can send emails to customers on these email IDs.

Boosts Brand Loyalty

Creating interactive content helps you develop better relations with the customer. As you offer immersive experiences through content, customers feel more connected to the brand.

An interactive infographic or an assessment can make them feel a part of your company’s story. If you occasionally share these content pieces, the customers are likelier to stay with you.

Increased Engagement and Conversions

Interesting online games and surveys will keep customers hooked to your brand. Their love for your brand will boost engagement rates and retention. Further, it will motivate the audience to take the next step – purchase your products or services.   

So, an interactive content marketing strategy can increase your conversion rates successfully.

Tips to Implement an Interactive Content Strategy

Launching a successful interactive content marketing strategy will depend upon several factors, such as your customer base, marketing objectives, and brand identity.  

Check out these tips to execute a marketing strategy using interactive content.

1. Identify Your Audience Persona

The first step in launching a marketing campaign is identifying your audience. Your interactive content creation will depend upon your audience’s interest.

For instance, busy working professionals may have low attention spans. Interactive infographics and games will be ideal for them. However, quizzes and polls can work well for an audience comprising the general public.

2. Follow the Stages of the Sales Funnel

Create content according to the stage of the sales funnel where your prospect is currently at. If the prospect is at the awareness stage, creating lookbooks will inform them more about your brand.  

Further, interactive ROI calculators will be practical if your audience is at the purchase stage. This will help them figure out expenses for a loan or vehicle EMI. You can also send product pickers to help them finalize the purchase.

This strategy will help any prospect move faster in the sales funnel, leading to better conversion rates.

3. Repurpose Existing Content

You don’t need to create content from scratch. You can repurpose existing content and make them more interactive for the audience.

For example, you can convert a long-form article into a compelling infographic with a quiz. Send it together via email to connect with your customer.

In addition, you can create an opinion poll by using the frequently asked questions on your official webpage. Pick a common question and add multiple-choice answers to it. Post them on social media to increase audience interaction.    

4. Align Strategies with Brand Identity

No matter the type of content you generate for users, it needs to match your brand’s image and identity. So, the colour, visuals, font styles, and content tonality must align with your brand.

For example, use the same in your content if you offer logistics software with formal brand colours. The interactive content must include similar aspects if you use peppy colours and casual tones for your fashion brand content.

Remember, every content you produce speaks for your brand directly.  

5. Aim to Educate Readers

While producing any content, aim to educate your audience and answer their questions. Don’t simply publish interactive content that’s catchy and fun. Instead, address the customer’s pain points and solve their problems via your offerings.

For example, send a value-packed infographic that requires the reader to click a button to move through slides. This makes viewing the infographic enjoyable and educates readers with statistics or facts.

Types of Interactive Content to Boost Your Brand Awareness

You can create and offer various types of interactive content to attract your audiences, such as e-books, whitepapers, quizzes, and videos. These can significantly improve your brand awareness and help in lead generation. Let’s have a closer at these content types.

Interactive Videos

Interactive content marketing Videos

Videos are one of the most compelling interactive content marketing examples. These videos enable viewers to click, hover, and take similar actions while watching the clip.

If the video is posted on your site, the viewers will stay longer to watch the video till the end. You can add buttons and gamified controls to create a better watching experience.

The Honda Civic Type R model’s The Other Side interactive video campaign is a fantastic example.

As 87% of marketers observed sales improvement after implementing interactive videos, it may boost your sales and marketing.   

Interactive Whitepapers

Interactive Content Marketing White Papers

Whitepapers comprise factual information and statistics about your company. It helps your audience understand your market position, product benefits, and if you’re worth the investment. However, they aren’t too technical when you make them interactive!

Interactive whitepapers efficiently engage your audience by providing simple navigation and clickable functions. They can use your information to make well-informed purchases, boosting sales revenue.  

For example, the Future of Work whitepaper by Absolute Software is a clickable and scrollable content piece. With intriguing buttons prompting readers to continue reading, it offers an immersive experience.

Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive content marketing Landing Pages

You probably use the brand’s official landing page to lead visitors to a purchase. These pages are designed to increase conversions and fetch more leads.

What if you add interactive elements to it? The visitors will stay longer on the site and become motivated to create an account. This way, you’ll get their contact information and add it to your business database.    

For example, Airbnb’s landing page gives visitors a weekly earning calculation based on their home size and location. The real-time calculator offers an estimate to convert visitors to Airbnb hosts. The live map shows available homestays you can choose from.

Wrapping Up

To create better content for your audience, keep following the latest interactive content marketing trends. It will help you refine your existing content strategies and experiment with new ones.

So, if you’re using interactive videos, you can switch to interactive calculators, according to your brand.

However, to efficiently leverage interactive content in digital marketing, aim for quality and engagement. Provide valuable content that intrigues and compels prospects to take action, leading to faster conversions. 

Continue experimenting with different types of interactive content until you find the one that suits you the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are webinars interactive content?

Yes, webinars are examples of interactive content as they allow viewers to comment and share information in real-time.  

How does interactive content affect social media?

Interactive content like polls and quizzes on social media can increase your brand’s engagement. It lets the audience connect better with your company.

Can interactive content improve customer retention?

Interactive content can enhance customer engagement by offering memorable experiences, automatically boosting retention.

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