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Personalize Your Ad Experience With Google’s Brand New Feature: Here’s All You Need to Know

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Do you love consuming your favorite pieces of content on the internet but are constantly disturbed by annoying ads? It happens to the best of us.

According to a global Google survey, 69% of people surveyed said that they were motivated to install ad blockers by annoying or intrusive ads. If and when users block all ad contents, publishers all across the internet suffer.

Thankfully, Google’s brand new ad experience feature is here to save us all from facing constant bad ad experiences. Google is one of the most-visited multi-platform web properties in the US., with over 270 million users. With the launch of new and personalized ad features, the California-based company is set to enhance its user experience.

Think like Google with personalized ad experience content

Google aims to give its users a more customized experience with a new ad experience that allows better freedom of control. This new My Ad Center experience was announced at Google’s annual I/O event. It will roll out its features later this year across Google’s suite of apps like YouTube, Search, and websites.

In the I/O event, Google officials said, “Later this year, we’ll launch My Ad Center. You’ll be able to easily manage your ads privacy settings and even choose to see ads from categories or brands you like — giving you more control over the ads you see across YouTube, Search and Discover.”

Under the My Ad Center tab, users will get complete control and privacy to choose, select and receive ads and follow brands or businesses that they love. This feature aims to provide the users with effective control and management over their advertiser interactions.

A user can choose to block or report an ad and even view its funding source details and targeting metrics.

The implementation of this feature will feed Google’s ad serving intelligence by making the user experience more elaborate, personalized, and private on platforms like Discover, Search, and YouTube.

What more is in store for the advertisers and the users?

While it’s evident that this feature is set to enhance Google’s user experience, it will also make things smoother for the advertisers. Here’s how it will create a substantial impact on them:

  • By adding brand suitability tools to enhance their decision-making around media buys
  • By applying brand-safety categories more effectively across all Google apps and platforms
  • By helping them understand how their safety decisions impact ad reach
  • By boosting ad engagement and reach interested consumers more strategically

This is an excellent feature for the users to show support to their favorite brands and businesses and view ad content from them. With My Ad Center being their go-to source to customize their content needs, upon the launch of this feature, there will be a second ad settings page for sites that partner with off-Google apps.

Privacy has been one of the primary concerns among tech giants. Over the last several years, Google has tried its best to develop multiple alternatives to offer optimum privacy control to its users. Unveiling My Ad Center seems to be Google’s best effort to offer the same.

While we are certainly excited to try out the feature later this year, why don’t you comment down below and let us know your thoughts on this feature?

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